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Modern Dad does the Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition

It’s an Echo Dot — you know, for kids!

Does a kid need an Amazon Echo Dot? And if so, does a kid need a grown-up Echo Dot? Or an Echo Dot Kids Edition? Or does a grown-up need a kid to have a Kids Edition more than a grown-up edition?

These are the questions we parents struggle with. Well, that, and what’s for dinner.

But today it’s all about the Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition. It is, for  [Read More…]

BlitzWolf Wireless Charger; Modern aesthetic, standard specs (Promoted)

Wireless chargers are a dime a dozen. They all do basically the same thing, with basically the same feature set and the same basic appearance. Can this BlitzWolf wireless charger set itself apart?

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Baikoh review: An intense word game for the modern era

Who said word games aren’t cool anymore? Think again. Baikoh is a minimalist yet beautiful word game that proves very challenging.

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Modern Dad drives a Tesla Model 3!

It’s the future, eventually …

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Priorities shift as we get older — and also when price tags shift exponentially. The need-it-right-this-second feeling you get from a smartphone — even one that costs a ridiculous $ 1,000 or so, as is the case with today’s top-shelf devices — just isn’t quite as pressing when you’re paying mortgages and starting to give serious thought to your kids’ college costs.

Getting old sucks. Don’t do it.

But every  [Read More…]

UMIDIGI A1 Pro is an entry-level smartphone for the modern era (Promoted)

Who says entry-level phones have to be bad? UMIDIGI’s upcoming A1 Pro comes with a modern 18:9 aspect ratio, face unlock and dual-cameras on the back.

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Modern Dad on HomePod: It’s only for the Apple Faithful

Creating converts will have to wait.

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I love me some connected speakers. I’ve got almost every speaker Sonos has released, spread throughout my home. I’ve got every Amazon Echo ever sold. (Including, yes, this thing.) I’ve got all three entries in the Google Home line.

I am, as the kids say, a fan of the audios. (The kids don’t say that? Well, they should.)

So I was very much looking forward to  [Read More…]

Wireless Power 301: What Modern Dad uses in the car!

If you’re not using a wireless car mount to charge your phone on the go, you’re working way too hard.

I’ll admit, I wasn’t always sold on the idea of having a wireless charger in my car. At my desk is one thing — I’m constantly getting up and moving around need to take my phone with me, so not having to plug and unplug is great. But in the car? The phone is stationary. I’m not going to  [Read More…]

Modern Dad really likes the HTC U11

Another great phone from HTC, but the same question remains: Can they actually sell it?

My first smartphone was from HTC — the Treo 750. Over the years I’ve used more HTC devices than I can even remember, from the Nexus One up through today’s flagship, the U11. Not every phone has been a winner, but more often than not I (and others, of course) came to the conclusion that basically went “This is a hell of a phone.  [Read More…]

Highway to the top-notch tech zone with MrMobile and Modern Dad!

GoPro and solar and watches — oh, my! It’s Top Notch Tech with MrMobile and Modern Dad!

Previously, on MrMobile Meets ModernDad, I took a look at some sweet home tech used by my paternal pal. But Modern Dad also likes to be mobile on occasion, and I’d been eyeing the sweet little camera known as the GoPro Hero5 Black (on sale for $ 349!) that he’s had on hand. Think about it. … Is there anything better than  [Read More…]

Modern Dad’s Father’s Day Favorites!

Don’t think about it too hard. Any Dad (heck, any person) would love to have any of these great gift ideas.

I gotta be completely honest here: While this is an excellent Father’s Day gift guide full of things that any dude would be thrilled to get any day of the week, the simple fact is not a single one of these products requires actually having sired any children. Consider having offspring a bonus, in that case. Or  [Read More…]