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Essential Phone gets new 3.5mm headphone jack module and MQA certification

Essential’s also giving its customers three free months of TIDAL.

One of the big selling points with the Essential Phone was supposed to be a magnetic accessory system that would allow for all sorts of fun modules. The only one that’s actually come to market so far is the 360-degree camera, but now Essential’s confirmed its next accessory is a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Similar to the 360-camera, this headphone jack adapter will snap onto the back of  [Read More…]

How to update the Trusted Platform Module on your Chromebook

Most Chromebooks will need to have the TPM firmware updated. Here’s how to do it!

Chromebooks and Chromeboxes are some of the most secure computers currently on the market. They can’t run traditional programs, which means that viruses and malware designed for Windows and macOS just don’t work. If Chrome OS is modified in any way, the device will flash a scary warning message every time it’s turned on. These — combined with an interface that is  [Read More…]

Oppo debuts periscope-style 5x zoom camera module

As phones have evolved over time we’ve found that handset makers are always trying to make them thinner. Some users might argue that they’d happily trade a thicker phone for a little more battery, but the industry trend is to think thin. A problem with phones, though, is that even with these great sensors and features, […]

Samsung unveils the first 8GB LPDDR4 mobile DRAM module

Back in December 2014, Samsung rolled out its 4GB LPDDR4 mobile DRAM package, enabling smartphones to have 4GB of RAM. The company has now announced the industry’s first 8GB LPDDR4 DRAM module aimed at high-end mobile phones, ultra-thin notebooks, and tablets.

The DRAM module is manufactured using a 10nm process, and sees four 16 gigabit (2GB) LPDDR4 memory chips stacked to create an 8GB module. The memory operates at up to 4266Mbps, which when transmitted over  [Read More…]

Pre-order the LG G5 in India from May 21, receive a CAM Plus module for free

The Galaxy S7 and S7 edge launched in India over two months ago, and until now there hasn’t been much in the way of when other flagship phones will be available in the country. That changed today, as LG has announced that the LG G5 will be available for pre-booking starting tomorrow, May 21. The South Korean vendor has also mentioned that all customers pre-ordering the phone will receive the CAM Plus module for free.

You  [Read More…]

Teardown reveals Huawei P9 dual-camera module is smaller than that of the iPhone 6s

The team at iFixit is back again, this time showing us what makes up the insides of the Huawei P9. Once opened, it is immediately obvious that the battery is the biggest component in there. This left Huawei with very little room to pack all the rest of the components, but thanks to some creative designing, the company still managed to pack this thing full of great features.

From the dual-camera assembly for the rear camera  [Read More…]

Listening to the LG G5 with its Hi-Fi Plus with B&O Play module

The Bang & Olufsen HiFi audio module lives up to its promise of premium sound — now we only need a price and release date.

We’ve had a look at the European version of the LG G5 and spent some time with the elusive “Hi-Fi Plus with B&O Play” module. While the G5 plays music and other audio files without any problem on its own, the 32bit Sabre ES9028C2M DAC and Sabre9602c amplifier inside the HiFi  [Read More…]

The LG G5 can still offer good audio, even without the B&O Hi-Fi audio module

The LG G5 may not need a Hi-Fi module, but it’s still a great option to have available.

Many of us are looking forward to seeing how well the Bang & Olufsen Hi-Fi audio module for the LG G5 performs. While not yet mainstream, high quality audio performance through the headphone jack is something phone manufacturers are starting to pay attention to, and plenty of us couldn’t be happier.

But what happens if you have no  [Read More…]

LG’s upcoming developer conference will focus on module creation for the G5

LG has announced that it will host a developer conference that will educate developers on how to create expansion modules for the LG G5. Back at Mobile World Congress, LG stated that it will work with developers in creating an open ecosystem around the modules so that anyone interested in building an expansion module for the phone can do so, with the manufacturer providing the technical know-how and additional support.

With the G5 being the  [Read More…]

The Elo Module accessory brings Android to large-format digital signage

Elo has announced a new Android-powered Elo Computer Module accessory, which can be used with 32- to 70-inch digital signage displays as an all-in-one solution for both content delivery and hardware management. If you’re on the hunt for such a setup for your business or event, you’ll definitely want to check out Elo’s solution, which aims to provide a complete interactive platform.

The Android ECM is powered by a Snapdragon CPU and slides into the  [Read More…]