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Moment launches camera app for Android and iOS with tons of pro controls

You can shoot in RAW, control shutter speed, and lots more.

If you’re big into mobile photography, chances are you’re familiar with Moment. Moment’s become quite popular over the last couple years with extensive camera lenses and cases for the Pixel 2, Galaxy S9, and Apple’s iPhones. Now, Moment’s stepping away from the hardware game to release a pro camera app for both Android and iOS.

Titled Moment – Pro Camera, the app is designed to replace  [Read More…]

Moment announces four new products for its Filmmaker Collection

There’s an anamorphic lens, gimbal counterweight, lens filter adapter, and iPhone X case.

Smartphone cameras are better than ever, but if you like taking things to the next level, you’re probably quite familiar with Moment. Moment sells a variety of lens attachments for the Pixel 2, Galaxy S9, and iPhones, but these are all focused on photography. Now, Moment is stepping into videography with its all-new Filmmaker Collection.

Moment’s Filmmaker Collection is made up of four products,  [Read More…]

Have a moment to spare? Try these quick and casual games

Not everyone can commit hours of their day to playing games on their phone. Fortunately, there are hundreds of casual games in the Play Store, perfect for when you want to unwind and waste some time. We’ve rounded up some of the best games to be played on the go and you can download right […]

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Android and chill: Samsung’s nightmare moment

How you handle a product safety issue is important. Samsung handled it right.

Samsung just faced the worst nightmare any type of product design team could have on Friday. They realized that the Note 7 had some sort of flaw, and one that could hurt people, so they’re pulling it off the shelves.

I’m not going to try and hash out all the different theories about why or how many or anything like that. We can  [Read More…]

Never miss an important moment again with the Perfect Memory Smart Pro Camera ($99 at Indiegogo)

There is no doubt that almost all of us use a camera on a daily basis. Smartphone technology has enabled us to have a camera with us at all times, but the problem is most of us have our phones put away most of the time. While smartphone cameras are great for taking pictures of

Runtastic launches new Moment watch line

Runtastic has long been known for their fitness apps. Now they have a wearable device that can track your steps, active minutes, calories burned and even your sleep. Don’t confuse it for one of the many Android Wear watches that have been recently announced. This watch has an analog face with some modern tracking hardware and Bluetooth.

In order to take full advantage of the watch, you’ll need to download the companion app Runtastic Me from the Google Play store. The  [Read More…]

Runtastic Moment combines the traditional watch with a fitness tracker

Runtastic has announced a new wearable that combines the look and feel of a traditional watch with the functionality of a fitness tracker. The Runtastic Moment is available in four styles, offering a combination of different sized watch faces, band types and colors. Synchronizing with the Runtastic Me app opens up a world of tracking functionality for those who require said features but would rather opt for a watch base.

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HTC’s Twitter ‘Uh Oh’ moment is the worst thing that’s ever happened in the world, like, ever

Social media is as difficult as it is easy, a lesson virtually everyone has learned in the 140-character space at one time or another. The latest victim: Taiwanese manufacturer HTC.

In showing of its shiny new 24-carat gold HTC One M9, it also managed to show off a sliver of an iPhone, presumably being used to take the picture.

Uh oh, indeed.

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Samsung’s Kapture the Moment event may bring the “Galaxy K Zoom”


Last night, Samsung announced their Kapture the Moment event at Samsung Media day. It will be held on April 29th at the Red Dot Design Museum in Singapore, and could possibly be the announcement of the Galaxy S5 Zoom we’ve all some of us have been waiting for.

The rumors can’t stop there, though. On the event image sits a giant ‘K’ on the right  [Read More…]

Moment of truth: Verizon confirms Droid RAZR MAXX price, availability


We knew it was coming, and it was coming soon. But it wasn’t until today that Verizon dropped official word on The Motorola Droid RAZR MAX‘s price and availability. As rumored, this juiced up device will go for $ 299.99 on a 2-year contract, and it will be available starting January 26. (Yes, this Thursday).

We know many of you have recently purchased new phones (mostly over the holidays). The promise  [Read More…]