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Make It Rain: Love of Money [App of the Day]


In the world of ever growing addictive games there comes Make it Rain. One of the more absurd games out there the entire game is making it rain by swiping cash. Whats the objective you say? To make it rain money. Just keep swiping and swiping and swiping and swiping some more. The more money you let fly the more you can buy. What can  [Read More…]

Ready to send money with Google Glass? It may not be far off

The Glassware catalog for Google Glass is consistently expanding, and the next big app from Google may be the ability to send money to people with Google Wallet. According to source of TechCrunch, Googlers are already testing an app that would enable you to simply send money to someone using Glass and the voice command “send money.” Details of what other functions you’d be able to do are limited, but you could easily see Glass bringing  [Read More…]

Here’s how Sprint can save you money on Spotify

Sprint today as part of its announcement of the exclusive Harman/Kardon edition of the HTC One M8 also announced a new deal for Spotify subscriptions. All new and existing postpaid (ie not pre-paid) Sprint customers will get six free months of Spotify Premium, if you’re on a “Framily” plan. You’ll need to have an Android smartphone, iPhone or a Windows Phone (8 or 8.1) device.

And after the initial six months, you’ll get a discount on  [Read More…]

Easily send and receive money with Square Cash [App of the Day]


Today in our “App of the Day” feature, we bring you an application known as Square Cash. This one lets users send and receive money at no cost. All you have to do is to link your debit card with it, and then you can send money to anyone by just using their debit card information. No need to have sign up for an account or anything else. Send your  [Read More…]

Developers see more money with iOS than Android, says Flurry

Earlier today we discussed Android’s dominance of the mobile phone market. However, that dominance doesn’t translate to dollars for Android app developers. A report issued today from Flurry Analytics claims despite the massive lead built up by Android’s success, the platform hasn’t captured nearly as much as the spending associated with mobile apps.

“Anecdotally, developers consistently tell us that they make more money on  [Read More…]

Save a Little Money on Gas

Gas prices are going crazy around the world. Here are a couple of apps to help you find better prices and track your consumption.


GasBuddy (USA Only)

GasBuddy helps you find the nearest Gas stations and prices so you can judge where to get the best prices. GasBuddy can automatically do this by your current location, you can also search by City or Zip code.

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