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You can now send money to your friends through Snapchat

Have you ever found yourself wishing you could instantly send cash to your friends with the same service you use to send ephemeral pictures? Well you’re in luck because Snapchat has announced a new feature today called ‘Snapcash.’ The new service will allow you to instantly send money to your friends by simply entering the dollar amount into a message on Snapchat and tapping the send button.

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Twitter wants to make money when it grows up

No longer the fun-loving “Toys ‘R’ Us” kid, Twitter is all grown up now and it wants to make money. The social network released a statement on Wednesday outlining its strategy on the Internet, stating that it wants to bring in revenue, and lots of it, though it did not give any specifics on that plan. The confusing statement was met with some mockery on the social network itself.

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We’re raising money for kids hospitals with NVIDIA and Gameloft, and you could win a Shield tablet!

This weekend I’m participating in Extra Life, a fundraiser by avid gamers to raise money for local children’s hospitals. It’s a bit of a marathon, whereby participants play games (board games, video games – whatever you’re into) for 24 hours straight. Last time I did this, I hauled my PC gaming rig to our group’s headquarters for the event, but this year I’m traveling light and playing mobile games exclusively. We’ve partnered up with Gameloft and  [Read More…]

Sega’s Humble Bundle saves you money and benefits charities

Sega is joining the Humble Bundle by bringing some of its top games to the collection, allowing you to name your price for the titles as well as select how you want the profits divvied up between developers and noteworthy charities. Sega has added a few of its individual titles allowing you to pay what you want for each of the title, and if you pay more than the average price, you’ll also get a few  [Read More…]

Budget app Simple adds instant money transfer

Simple has released a major update for its finance app for Android devices, including an all new interface and a few new features to help people manage their money.

In addition, the app now allows users to send money to other Simple customers for the first time on mobile via Simple Instant.

How to send and receive money with Google Wallet

No matter the amount, Google Wallet has you covered for person-to-person money transfers

Google Wallet does plenty of things, including letting you make mobile payments at some of your favorite stores and hold all of your loyalty cards, but one of its huge values is as a person-to-person money transfer service.

It’s one of the lesser-known features of Google Wallet, but it actually works really well for transferring money — from small to very  [Read More…]

Google Wallet update allows you to manage gift cards, send and request money from friends


Google Wallet seems to sometimes be forgotten about by Google, rarely receiving any updates. It is, however, receiving quite a big update. The features will be for both Android and iOS users, allowing for an easier transfer of funds and a more defined shopping experience.

First and foremost, you can now store gift cards and check your balances in a hurry. Once you enter your  [Read More…]

Updated Google Wallet knows your gift card balances, lets you ask for money

Your Google Wallet app is about to get even better. Today, Google has just announced that several new features are coming to the Google Wallet app on Android and iOS. These new features will make it easier to shop in retail stores and get cash from family or friends. Full details on the upcoming changes down below.

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Make It Rain: Love of Money [App of the Day]


In the world of ever growing addictive games there comes Make it Rain. One of the more absurd games out there the entire game is making it rain by swiping cash. Whats the objective you say? To make it rain money. Just keep swiping and swiping and swiping and swiping some more. The more money you let fly the more you can buy. What can  [Read More…]

Ready to send money with Google Glass? It may not be far off

The Glassware catalog for Google Glass is consistently expanding, and the next big app from Google may be the ability to send money to people with Google Wallet. According to source of TechCrunch, Googlers are already testing an app that would enable you to simply send money to someone using Glass and the voice command “send money.” Details of what other functions you’d be able to do are limited, but you could easily see Glass bringing  [Read More…]