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OnePlus 7 Pro review: We lived with the flagship for three months

The OnePlus 7 Pro hit the scene a little over three months ago to a ton of fanfare. While the phone is undeniably the best device the young company has ever delivered, many people derided for its high price tag.

The $ 670 initial asking price was far above previous offerings from OnePlus and many consumers were hit with sticker shock. The company had built its reputation by offering budget-friendly phones that didn’t lack in the hardware department.

OnePlus phones  [Read More…]

Brighter, whiter Google Play redesign rolls out after months of testing

This new store is cleaner, brighter, and absolutely killing my eyes during midnight app binges.

What you need to know New Google Play UI is rolling out on Android and Chromebooks. New design is cleaner, uses new font, and moves the section carousel to bottom tabs. New update also brings customized store lisitng options for app developers.

The Google Play Store seems to go through a redesign about once or twice a year, but the new UI  [Read More…]

The JBL Link Bar is available to purchase 14 months after it was announced

What a roller coaster ride this has been.

What you need to know You can finally purchase the JBL Link Bar for $ 400. It’s a Google Assistant soundbar, Chromecast target, and Android TV streamer. JBL announced it at Google I/O 2018 and delayed it multiple times.

Remember the JBL Link Bar? We don’t blame you if you’ve forgotten about it, so here’s a quick recap.

The Link Bar is a soundbar that does a few different  [Read More…]

Amazon’s Fire TV Stick is now bundled with two free months of HBO

Happy binge-watching!

Now through July 16, Amazon has a special offer just for Prime members to help get the Fire TV Stick into your hands at a discounted price. The Fire TV Stick is a streaming device that can turn nearly any TV with an HDMI port into one with smart functionality, while offering access to services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video. It can stream HBO too, and through Prime Day, Prime members can score  [Read More…]

From the Editor’s Desk: Pixel 4 months early

Well, that was unexpected.

In eight years of covering the mobile industry, I’ve never seen a manufacturer just YOLO it and confirm a flurry of leaks by, in essence, leaking its own phone even harder than the leakers. But that’s where we are with the Pixel 4, which broke cover on the official Made by Google Twitter account this week, confirming reports from OnLeaks and Unbox Therapy just a day earlier.

Whatever you think of the Pixel 4’s  [Read More…]

Google confirms Pixel 4 design months ahead of announcement

A new image hitting the internet this week confirms the design of the upcoming Google Pixel 4 smartphone. And it’s not conjecture, either. The source of this Pixel 4 leak? Well, that would be none other than Google.

Landing online roughly one day after a few other leaked images, Google took to Twitter to join the conversation. The now-official photo is black on black and not all that easy to make out, but it does show us what is in  [Read More…]

Instagram has been leaking contact info for months

The flaw was patched in March but been accessible since at least last October.

What you need to know The flaw made Instagram users contact info available through the source code on the website. It was first reported in February and patched by March, but evidence shows it had been present since at least last October. The info could have been easily used to create a database and it is possible it already was by an Indian  [Read More…]

OnePlus 6T review, six months later: Still a great phone in 2019

The OnePlus 6T continues to be one of the fastest phones money can buy.

OnePlus’ frenetic release cycle means there’s a new phone to look forward to every six months. The OnePlus 7 series is all set to make its debut shortly, and we’ll have plenty to talk about the device in the coming weeks and months. But before we turn our attention towards OnePlus’ upcoming flagships, it makes sense to look back at how the OnePlus  [Read More…]

We now have proof the Pixel 3a was delayed by at least two months

There are plenty of clues as to how long Google had these phones ready to hit the market.

The Pixel 3a and 3a XL were finally announced at Google I/O, and while they’re being well-received by reviewers and Android enthusiasts alike, they are coming out at an extremely awkward time: 7 months removed from the launch of the original Pixel 3 and 3 XL. Anyone who had any interest in the matter knew that the Pixel 3a  [Read More…]

STARZ is offering up three months of premium shows for just $5 a month!

That’s going to be tough to pass up. Watch American Gods, Outlander and more for the price of a good coffee.

American Gods. Outlander. The Girlfriend Experience. Plus more originals and first-rate movies than you could possibly have time to watch. That’s just the tip of the iceberg on STARZ, which has just brought back a promotion that’s basically too good to pass up.

The important part? You’ll get three months of STARZ for just $ 5  [Read More…]