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Let Alexa set the mood for you with this $17 Eufy Lumos dimmable LED bulb

This Eufy Lumos smart dimmable LED bulb is down to $ 16.99 on Amazon. It normally sells for $ 20 and has never had a direct price drop like this before.

You can also get the tunable version of the Eufy Lumos for $ 25.49. That’s a drop from its normal price around $ 30. The only difference between these two light bulbs is the latter can be tuned to an ambiance of 2700K to 6500K.

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Elgato Avea Flare – portable mood lighting in the form of an adorable egg

Before I start in on this charming little LED Egg, let me just say that the box it came in was absolutely infuriating. Every single component was wrapped in what can only be described as cardboard origami that was an absolute bitch to extricate it from. The egg (for I refuse to call it anything […]

Motorola might launch a Google Tango Moto Mood soon

Motorola’s Mod are a defining feature of its Z lineup of smartphones. These are phone accessories that snap onto the device using magnets and are quite popular with users due to the extra functionalities they add. Now a new report reveals that Moto Mods are bound to get even better with the addition of a

Gentle Wakeup: Let’s wake up in a better mood (Review)

Overview Let’s face it, waking up in the morning is no fun. That moment the sound of the alarm clock meets your eardrums, your ready to fight. Of course, that could be more to do with having to go to work, either way, traditional alarms aren’t very popular. To that end, more developers are finding new

Set the mood in your house with the ilumi Smartbulbs

For years and years we have been subjected to dealing with little to no control over the brightness, or color, of the lightbulbs within our homes. With the rise of

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Waterfall wallpapers to soothe your mood

Today we have waterfalls for you to add to your wallpaper collection.  Everyone can agree waterfalls are soothing and are simply beautiful.  I will let the images speak for themselves.  Enjoy.

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Moto 360 update lightens your mood, brings better battery life, displays accurate time

Just like the LG G Watch, Motorola’s smartwatch is also getting an update that brings some improvements to Android Wear while being more battery efficient in the process. With the new Moto 360 update, a Smart Battery Saving feature automatically turns off ambient mode after your battery drops to 15 percent. Other features include more accurate time, mood lighting while charging, and a new gesture to see the full watch face without dismissing the notifications.

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LG G3 in Mood Violet and Burgundy Red to be available this August

LG Logo

Almost 2 months ago, LG officially released the LG G3 – their latest flagship smartphone and probably the most successful to date. LG mentioned that the phone will be available in five colors Metallic Black, Silk White, Shine Gold, Moon Violet, and Burgundy Red. However, the latter two are still not available in the market, but… Read more »

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Songza HD is a playlist-driven DJ for any mood or occasion

There are literally millions of songs available to listen to at any given moment, so music streaming services need to have a unique aspect in order to stick out from the crowd. Songza, a streaming music service that has been on the market for a while, does that by introducing an app centered on “expertly-chosen” playlists that feature songs perfect for many occasions. And  [Read More…]