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These cases will ensure that your Tab S4 is safe from accidents and more

When it comes to Android tablets, the choices are many, but there aren’t very many “good” tablets. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 bucks that trend, and there isn’t a lot of real competition. However, one of the most important things when it comes to buying a tablet is finding the best case, whether you need it to be fashionable or functional. Here are the best cases for your Galaxy Tab S4.

Tablet and stylus holder Poetic Lumos X Smart Cover  [Read More…]

Does the eero Beacon make more sense than Orbi RBK22?

Versatile performance Netgear Orbi RBK22

$ 190 at Walmart

Pros Fast tri-band Wi-Fi Three total Ethernet ports No additional equipment needed Big 4,000 square feet of coverage Cons Large footprint

Netgear’s Orbi line has a ton of versatility with the RBK22 sitting in the middle of the range with fast 802.11ac tri-band Wi-Fi and a dedicated backhaul. You also get three free Ethernet ports so you can keep your wired devices connected without any extra hardware.

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Google Stadia Pro subscribers get Serious Sam Collection and more soon

Stadia Pro is about to get even better!

What you need to know Google Stadia is a cloud game streaming service. It’s getting a lot of interesting games in the coming months. Stadia Pro subscribers gain access to the Serious Sam Collection and more in April. You can purchase a Stadia bundle for $ 130 through the Google Store.

Google Stadia is a next-generation cloud game streaming platform that launched late last year. For $ 10 a  [Read More…]

Disney+ is now available in UK, Germany, Italy, Ireland & more

What you need to know Disney+ is now available in UK, Germany, Italy, Ireland & more. Launch in France is delayed until April 7 at government request. You can sign up and start streaming today.

After waiting for what feels like forever, Disney has finally rolled out its Disney Plus (Disney+) streaming service across the EMEA to countries including the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, and Switzerland. Unfortunately, at the request of local government, Disney had  [Read More…]

Does the eero Beacon make more sense than a Plume SuperPod?

One-time charge eero Beacon

$ 149 at Amazon

Pros Works with any eero Compact plug-in design No subscription required Optional security features Cons No Ethernet ports Only dual-band

If you have an eero mesh system and need to expand your Wi-Fi coverage, the eero Beacon is a great option with a compact design that plugs directly into the wall. Its dual-band Wi-Fi will provide more than enough speed for most normal usage.

Fast with  [Read More…]

With routines it’s a breeze to get your Google Assistant to do more

It can be both fun and useful to order around the Google Assistant with simple commands like “Hey Google, turn on the lights” and see your words transformed into actions. Did you know, however, that you can do much more than simple one-off commands? By setting up and utilizing the Routines feature of Google Home and Google Assistant, you can trigger complex processes and activities with a simple action or phrase. I’ll show you how in the steps  [Read More…]

More than 20 games have made $1 million on Oculus Quest

A successful ecosystem is a happy ecosystem.

What you need to know The Quest is a standalone, fully-featured VR headset by Oculus and Facebook. It seems to be quite popular, with the headset regularly selling out. Facebook announced in a blog post that over 20 games have passed $ 1 million in revenue on the Quest. This revenue only includes money made through the Oculus Quest.

The Oculus Quest is a standalone VR headset that uses cameras  [Read More…]

T-Mobile expands 5G offerings to seven more cities

The network utilizes the low-band, 600MHz spectrum.

What you need to know T-Mobile is expanding its 5G operations to seven new markets. These are located in North and South Carolina, Maryland, Louisiana, and Pennsylvania. The carrier claims that its 5G network should be about 20% faster than existing LTE infrastructure.

Laying claim to the coveted distinction of being the first network with a nationwide 5G rollout in the U.S., T-Mobile is continuing to invest in the new  [Read More…]

Why does a high refresh rate display use more battery?

The display is already the biggest power consumer on your phone and making it work harder does exactly what you think it would: east up that precious battery time. Here’s why.

High refresh rate displays are one of the best things to ever happen to a smartphone. But like everything great, there is a trade-off and in this case, it’s battery life.

There is no denying that a higher screen refresh — whether it be 90 Hz  [Read More…]

Samsung Galaxy S20 is more likely to break than the S20+ or S20 Ultra

The Galaxy S20 Ultra was deemed the most durable.

What you need to know Third-party warranty provider SquareTrade recently tested the durability of the Samsung Galaxy S20 models. In its testing, SquareTrade found that the Samsung Galaxy S20 was the most prone to breaking. The Galaxy S20 Ultra fared best in all of its testing earning the breakability score of 70.

It should come as no surprise that phones these days are fragile, what do you expect  [Read More…]