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The Galaxy S20 will be more expensive than you think

The 4G models will cost about EUR 100 less than their 5G counterparts, while prices in the U.S. will unsurprisingly be lower than those in Europe.

What you need to know Samsung’s Galaxy S20 series will start off at around EUR 900 – 1,000 in Europe for the 5G variants. Their 4G equivalents will likely cost around EUR 100 less. The Galaxy Z Flip, on the other hand, may cost as much as EUR 1,400.

With the  [Read More…]

Steam for Chrome OS would make Chromeboxes even more awesome

If things play out in just the right way, Sony and Microsoft have some real competition to deal with. If not, it’ll still be fun to try and break.

Once upon a time, there was this small-form-factor PC you could buy called a SteamBox. It was designed to hook up to your television and give you access to the almost 40,000 games at Valve’s Steam storefront.

I bought a SteamBox. It worked surprisingly well until I bricked  [Read More…]

Super Bowl 2020 live stream: when it starts, how to watch online, & more

The biggest NFL game of the year, Super Bowl 2020, takes place on February 2 which isn’t very far away. Whether you are attending a party, planning to stay home, or will be traveling, one thing you may be wondering is how to watch the Super Bowl. Well, there are a lot of different ways, and a lot to know about the various ways.

It’s been a crazy season so far, and while we don’t know exactly who will be  [Read More…]

Get more out of your Ring cameras with these accessories

Ring security cameras are a great way to make your home smarter and a bit safer. The cameras can be mounted high for you to see the whole surrounding area around the front of your house, and they feature speakers and microphones so you can speak to guests or potential intruders. Ring cameras come with a mounting kit to get you started, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop there, oh no. Just take a look at all of  [Read More…]

We need more weird games like Death Stranding

Could Death Stranding usher in a trove of bizarre games?

I don’t think I can remember a game as divisive as Death Stranding. Not only did it have a ton of baggage going into it — Kojima’s departure from Konami, its PS4 exclusivity — it was just plain weird. Leading up to its release, you could ask ten different people what it was supposed to be about, and they could give you ten different answers. A resounding  [Read More…]

MediaTek launches the Helio G70 to power more affordable gaming phones

A powerful processor that won’t break the bank.

What you need to know MediaTek has announced the Helio G70 and G70T gaming-focused chipsets for entry-level phones. The G70 series is a slightly underclocked version of MediaTek’s flagship G90 gaming processor. Besides the slower clock speeds, the G70 series also limits the display to 1080p, lacks support for faster UFS storage, and is restricted to 48MP cameras or dual 16MP rear-cameras.

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From the Editor’s Desk: More companies should show off concept phones

Show us what you’re working on more often.

The OnePlus Concept One was, frankly, not that exciting — at least, as far as concept devices go. The whole point of a “concept” is to show how the company is breaking barriers and working on new things, with the freedom of knowing it doesn’t have to be finished, functional or tied to a release date. And in this respect, OnePlus didn’t go nearly far enough — the electrochromic  [Read More…]

Disposable batteries are becoming more common and I hate it

This is, plain and simple, the worst form of eWaste I have seen in years.

I see these little disposable batteries all over the place now. In coffe shops, mall kiosks, even bookstores. They’re showing up at mucsic festivals, handed out to those who need a quick boost. For $ 4.99, you can get this little battery for your phone with just enough juice to get you through the next hour or so. It’s packaged like a  [Read More…]

Is Android more boring than it used to be?

Let’s have a chat with the AC forums.

Taking a look at Android as a whole, there’s no denying the platform has dramatically changed over the last few years.

Things like modding and rooting used to be extremely popular, but as devices become more powerful and feature-rich, we’ve seen that community die down considerably.

Some would argue that this has resulted in Android being boring or less exciting than it was in years past, and recently, this  [Read More…]

New Resident Evil 3 details on Nemesis, Mercenaries mode and more

More terror awaits when Nemesis arrives.

What you need to know A feature in PlayStation Magazine UK has revealed more details on the Resident Evil 3 remake. We now know more about Nemesis, as well as the fact that Mercenaries mode is not returning. Resident Evil 3 remake is currently set to release on April 3. You can preorder the PlayStation 4 version of the game for $ 60 on Amazon.

Resident Evil 3 is just a  [Read More…]