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Developers see more money with iOS than Android, says Flurry

Earlier today we discussed Android’s dominance of the mobile phone market. However, that dominance doesn’t translate to dollars for Android app developers. A report issued today from Flurry Analytics claims despite the massive lead built up by Android’s success, the platform hasn’t captured nearly as much as the spending associated with mobile apps.

“Anecdotally, developers consistently tell us that they make more money on  [Read More…]

More ‘Xperia Arc HD’ photos leak, along with rumored specs

Arc HD

Another week, another ‘Xperia Arc HD’ leak. The latest batch of pictures showing the device codenamed “Nozomi” come from GSMArena, and are of considerably higher quality than what we’ve seen so far, showing the phone from quite a few different angles. The photos confirm the presence of a dedicated camera button and HDMI connector (just like the original Arc), along with a curious capacitive button setup. It seems that the phone’s button  [Read More…]

Android Apps Alert #82: Kodak, The Soup, Soundtracking, and more

Androinica recaps the new and noteworthy apps making into the Android Market each week. Considering that the Android Market has a sale of 10-cent apps this week, you’ve probably gotten into the habit of purchasing some great apps and games that you may have missed the first time around. Well, here are a few extra apps to throw on your Android phones.

Kodak Document  [Read More…]

Google+ updated with more functionality, bugfixes

Google+ Update

Looks like Android’s Google+ app just got a nice little update to add some more features — including the ability to search! — and squash some bugs. Here’s the full changelog:

Search +1 photos +1 comments High resolution photo upload support See if someone’s online and currently typing in Messenger conversations Start Messenger conversations by just entering a phone number Links to posts or profiles can now open inside of  [Read More…]

More research shows exactly what Carrier IQ can, and cannot do


Android hacker and professional security consultant Dan Rosenberg (you may know him as djrbliss from the Internets) has completed his own study on Carrier IQ, and found some interesting results.  All those reports about logging keystrokes and spying on SMS messages look to have been blamed on the wrong party, as his research shows that Carrier IQ as written can only capture the data that the carrier sends to it (known as metrics),  [Read More…]

Pingchat is now Touch, a BBM clone that’s more about photo-sharing for Android/BlackBerry/iOS

You whippersnappers today don’t know how easy you have it with the plethora of group messaging app choices. Back in my day, there was only one BBM-style app for Android, and its name was Pingchat. But since so many choices have come and gone, the original is back with a new name, face, and focus.

Pingchat has morphed into Touch, a rebranded group communication  [Read More…]

Android Apps Alert #81: FedEx, NBA, ex.fm, Path, and more

Androinica.com takes a look at new apps in the Android Market each week, then wraps them all in a nice little package to share with you, our lovely readers. In this week’s edition of Android Apps Alert, we take a look at a few handy utilities, exciting games, and music makers that you may want to put on your Android phones and tablets. Enjoy!

  [Read More…]

5 more great Black Friday and holiday shopping apps

Last year, we reviewed 6 Android Shopping Apps for Black Friday and Beyond in an attempt to help you quickly and efficiently hit the mall (or web) to kick off the holiday season. Some of those apps are still great tools to have, but a few new contenders popped up to be your desired shopping app for Android Holiday 2011. Here are a few  [Read More…]

Galaxy Nexus news roundup: Permanent root, USB mass storage and more


The Galaxy Nexus has been a busy handset this past day, making the rounds in several different areas. Not only has the device received the permanent root treatment, but there’s a nasty volume bug plaguing handsets, along with some confusion on USB mass storage and exactly how big the internal storage will be in the Verizon Nexus.

Over at MoDaCo, a popular website for smartphone hacks and mods, Paul O’Brien has  [Read More…]

Courtroom roundup: Moto v Apple, B&N v Microsoft, Samsung’s new Tab, and more software patents


What would a week in the mobile arena without legal drama be like?  We have no idea, and probably never will.  Today there’s so much that we’re just going to round it all up in one easy spot, then take a couple aspirin and chase the headache away.  Without further adieu:

Motorola v Apple

Motorola will likely win another injunction against Apple in Germany.  This time, it’s a method describing  [Read More…]