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Snapchat Spectacles review: More than just a toy for Millennials

Anyone can get into Spectacles as long as life-logging is the goal.

I confess: I am a sucker for the next cool thing in Millennial technology, though I’d argue that Snapchat Spectacles are more than that. Spectacles are the perfect example of accessible technology because anyone can don a pair as long as they have the slightest interest in capturing life 10-seconds at a time.

I’ve been using Spectacles for a few weeks now and though they’re  [Read More…]

Video: LG G6 rumors, leaks, features and more!

As is traditional in the weeks leading up to a new LG flagship phone, the Korean company has slowly started to trickle out details of its next big thing, the LG G6. We’re expecting the new phone, which could be one of the first Snapdragon 835 devices, to break cover at Mobile World Congress in late February. And based on what LG has already teased, we’re set for a new, unibody design, with the company moving away from the  [Read More…]

Latest Axon 7 Mini update brings VoLTE to more users, December security patch, and camera tweaks

Latest update brings a slew of features to the Axon 7 Mini.

Good news for those of you who recently nabbed an Axon 7 Mini. ZTE has announced a maintenance release for the device, namely a software update that will add VoLTE, Google security patches up to December, and camera enhancements. ZTE says that there are three different builds out right now and the one you have installed will affect the update you receive. For instance, those who were  [Read More…]

Lofelt Basslet is more than just a subwoofer for your wrist

This vibrahaptic wearable has more potential than simply shaking along to your tunes.

Honestly, I’m not into the idea of wearing a smartwatch full-time. I’ve never been a watch person and having something on that big feels almost intrusive. But weirdly, I found myself excited about the Lofelt Basslet, despite the fact that all it does is vibrate on your wrist.

It sounds kooky, I know. Why the hell would anyone want anything as plain and simple  [Read More…]

New ZEE Smart Core phone case delivers more power, memory and LED lighting show

If you always find your smartphone is running out of battery during the day and might benefit from a little bit of extra storage, then maybe you might be interested in Hello ZEE’s new smartcase called the ZEE Smart Core which was unveiled at CES 2017. The ZEE Smart Core works with iPhones/iPads but also

Fitbit’s personal fitness and goal-setting features just got a lot more useful

At CES 2017, Fitbit has announced a load of new features coming to its app in the next few months that should make using its trackers a much more personal experience. On deck is an all-new social experience, along with new personal goal setting features and more.

Perhaps the biggest changes are in the revamped social experience, which will come in the form of a new Community section of the app. In the Community section, you’ll be able  [Read More…]

ASUS ZenFone 3 Zoom hands-on: Focused on being more than just a camera

The second ‘Zoom’ model isn’t quite as impressive optically, but makes more sense practically.

After some pretty audacious engineering marvels going into the last ZenFone Zoom, ASUS has taken a decidedly simpler approach with the new ZenFone 3 Zoom. Rather than being a majority camera-focused smartphone, this is aimed at being a solid mid-to-high-end device overall that also happens to great photos with top-end camera specs.

ASUS effectively gave up on the huge, cumbersome and trade-off-heavy optical  [Read More…]

Trouble concentrating? Be more productive in 2017 with [email protected] (Deal of the Day)

Do you have trouble getting started with your homework or tasks at work? You come in, sit down, and you’re all set to go. You’ve even got your coffee sitting there next to you and things are gonna be great today. Cut to an hour later and you’re spinning your mental wheels in mud. What

BlackBerry launches a more secure software platform for autonomous cars

QNX SDP 7.0 is BlackBerry’s ‘most advanced and secure’ embedded platform for autonomous cars.

In the lead up to CES 2017, BlackBerry QNX let it be known the show would be big for them and they’re already off to great start, having now announced what they’re calling their “most advanced and secure embedded software platform for autonomous drive and connected cars,” also known as QNX SDP 7.0.

From John Wall, senior vice president and head of  [Read More…]

Qualcomm offers a more detailed glimpse of Snapdragon 835 at CES 2017

Qualcomm gave us a preliminary view of the Snapdragon 835 back in November, but this week the chip giant has revealed all the details about its newest top tier chipset which is bound to power this year’s flagships. The Snapdragon 835 is the first chipset from Qualcomm manufactured using the 10nm FinFET process. While it’s