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How to automate your morning routine with the Amazon Smart Plug

Alexa routines are incredibly powerful, and if you have an Amazon Smart Plug, integrating it into an existing routine is dead simple and a great way to make your mornings go even smoother. Here’s how to do it!

Products used in this guide Amazon: Amazon Smart Plug ($ 25) Amazon: Echo Dot (3rd Gen) ($ 50) How to use a Smart Plug with your morning routine

For this guide, we’re going to assume you already have an existing  [Read More…]

What’s the first thing you do on your phone every morning? [Roundtable]

How does your phone tell you good morning?

Our phones are an extension of ourselves. They’re more than just another a tool and we use them for almost everything and reach for them many, many times throughout each day.

For many, our phones are also part of our morning routines. Now we’re not saying this isn’t just a little bit obsessive. We are smartphone and technology enthusiasts from top to bottom. And we’re not ashamed. And when  [Read More…]

10 apps to help you jumpstart your morning

If you’re like me, you probably hate having to wake up really early. But let’s face it – the nature of modern life makes it impossible to start our dates at later hours. So it’s essential you’re able to jump start our day as quickly and efficiently as possible, that is – if we want […]

A surprise PlayStation VR sale this morning may be your last chance to grab one early!

This may be the last chance you have to get a PlayStation VR bundle before Christmas.

Every time PlayStation VR went up for pre-order, it sold out in minutes. Sony has been slowly trickling these orders out to people who know where to look, but it couldn’t be more clear that this VR add on to your PlayStation 4 is going to be difficult to get after launch. If you’re willing to line up for midnight  [Read More…]

Morning brief: MediaTek debuts 10-core Helio X30, and Xperia XZ may get Nougat in Oct.

Ten CPU cores in a phone? MediaTek says yes.

It’s time to kick the week off. We’re eight days out from Google’s October 4 event, and the hype train is in full swing. We’re expecting to see the Pixel and Pixel XL, Google Home, a 4K Chromecast, and so much more.

Samsung is facing a three-day delay in restarting Note 7 sales in Korea. The company is trying to complete the recall process in its home  [Read More…]

Morning brief: Allo, tout le monde, let’s talk about the price of a Pixel

Allo launches around the world, Samsung sets out a timeframe for Note 7 sales in Europe, and Xiaomi has a fancy new camera.

As we count down to the weekend, let’s mull over the next major phone launch we’re all looking forward to: Google’s Pixel handsets. There’ve been rumblings of a $ 649 starting price for the smaller of the two HTC-built phones (the 5-inch “Sailfish” model), which seems to suggest both will compete in the  [Read More…]

Morning brief: Pixels in pools, S7 on Android 7 and Galaxy C in China

Day 2 of Allo, and we’re still figuring out where the new chat app fits in.

Welcome to Thursday on Android Central! We’re still just getting acquainted with Allo, Google’s new, promising but still very imperfect messaging app. Harish has an excellent roundup of everything you need to know about the app — from the phone number requirement to Google Assistant — right here. So far the AC team’s experience of Allo has mainly consisted of  [Read More…]

Morning brief: Allo arrives, HTC is up to something, and Xiaomi wants us to be healthy

You can now play around with Google Assistant, HTC is working a couple of interesting phones, and LeEco’s Snapdragon 821 monster is here.

Today’s turning out to be a wacky Wednesday, in large part thanks to the launch of Allo. The messaging service is giving us a first look at what’s capable with the Google Assistant, and thus far, I’m liking what’s on offer. In other Google news, Maps and Drive have received usability updates, and  [Read More…]

Morning brief: What does your Pixelated heart Desire?

The world was on fire and no one could save me but you. It’s strange what desire will make foolish people do.

Welcome to a terrific Tuesday! Google has confirmed that it will announce new phones on October 4. Based on the latest leaks of the purported Pixel and Pixel XL, it looks like we’ll be treated to great designs (once again) from HTC.

Speaking of HTC, the company has launched the Desire 10 Lifestyle and  [Read More…]

Morning brief: Allo, is it Mi you’re looking for?

Google’s long-awaited messenger app could be with us soon; meanwhile Samsung’s Note 7 recall program hits its stride.

Welcome to Monday on Android Central! The Note 7 recall is still big news, and this Bloomberg piece doing the rounds today has a lot of good background on the goings-on at Samsung around the Note 7 recall fiasco. The main narrative that all this happened because of a reaction to Apple feels forced and not particularly convincing,  [Read More…]