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Belkin Outrigger case for the Moto G

Belkin Outrigger for Moto G

A little chunky, but offers some full-on protection for your Moto G  

What we’ve got here is a pretty heavy-duty case for your Moto G. Belkin isn’t the first name I’d think of when choosing phone protection, but what we have in the Outrigger is something that can certainly protect your phone against those accidental – perhaps even child related – drops and bangs.

The Outrigger is a  [Read More…]

Motorola puts college colors into Moto Maker

Show your college pride this season with new colors, accents and a range of cases for the Moto X

Motorola has announced a new selection of colors its dubbing the “College Collection” to Moto Maker to customize your new Moto X in the colors of your school. Taking a look at colors across the board, Motorola has added 9 new back colors, three new  [Read More…]

Motorola adds 9 new colors, college options to Moto Maker

x-color-chips-240x200Motorola on Friday announced that the Moto Maker experience has gotten even better. A post on the handset maker’s blog tells us that college students, alumni, and fans can now create Moto X designs that more closely mimic their beloved institution’s colors.

Available immediately, the Moto Maker now includes nine new colors and three new accent colors as well as pre-configured school combos. These combinations, it should be noted, employ clear  [Read More…]

Samsung Galaxy S5 versus Moto X

The Samsung Galaxy S5, introduced at Mobile World Congress 2014, will likely go on to become one of the top-selling Android smartphones of the year. And why not? It’s the latest in Samsung’s flagship line of devices and it’s better than ever. But, how does it fare when you compare it to other top smartphones of the day?

Let’s stack the Samsung Galaxy S5 up against another key Android handset, Motorola’s Moto X. We’ll take a look at how they  [Read More…]

Moto X in Europe: The Android Central casual review

Moto X

After a late arrival in the UK and mainland Europe, how does the Moto X shape up?

After a five-month wait, European consumers finally got the Moto X this February. A significant launch for Moto’s European arm, it’s occurring as the company prepares to enter yet another period of transition following the Lenovo acquisition.

Industry drama aside, the Moto X the most high-profile Motorola smartphone to hit European shores in at least  [Read More…]

Sprint Moto X now receiving Android 4.4.2 update

Remember how Sprint was the last one to update their Moto X to Android 4.4? But with Android 4.4.2, they decided not to be the last one again. Sprint is now rolling out the update, and if you are using Sprint Moto X, you might receive it anytime now. It will update your phone to Android 4.4.2 and will bring features like:

Printing documents and pictures: Added support for printing photos, Google Docs, GMail messages, and other content via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth  [Read More…]

Lenovorola still loves us – more Moto X codes are trickling out

Just for me

$ 349 off-contract codes going out to ‘loyal’ customers

Folks who registered or purchased a Moto X from Motorola.com are seeing an email with a new “Loyalty code” in their inboxes, that offers a Moto X for $ 349.99 through Moto Maker.

You’ve been loyal to Motorola, and we’d like to thank you with this exclusive offer. Design Moto X with Moto Maker and use your exclusive promo code, LOYAL-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXX (redacted),  [Read More…]

Seido Dilex Combo with Metal Kickstand for Moto X Review

Recently I got my hands on a new case for the Moto X and like I have said before, I am not a case kinda guy.  I despise having a brick in my pocket, because I really do enjoy the sleek size of my Moto X.  Not to mention, the wood back I payed extra for so I can “stand out” from the crowd. However, the Seido Dilex with its tough as nails metal kickstand is really growing on me.  [Read More…]

Moto G owners facing problems after Android 4.4 update

Motorola recently updated the Moto G to Android 4.4, but it turns out the update brought some troubles as well. Users are complaining that after the update, they are facing several issues. Below is the list of bugs that you might be facing if you have updated your Moto G:

lose mobile signal display ‘No Sim’ icons, fall into Aeroplane mode (while not displaying Aeroplane Icon status) Mobile signal can often be recovered by swapping into and out of Aeroplane  [Read More…]

Sprint Moto X Android 4.4.2 update now available for all

Moto X

Small improvements to printing, battery life and email sync included

Following up behind several other variants, the Moto X on Sprint is receiving its small bump to Android 4.4.2 (161.44.32.ghost_sprint.Sprint.en.US). The update, which is now rolling out to all users, brings just a few small fixes:

Printing documents and pictures: Added support for printing photos, Google Docs, GMail messages, and other content via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and hosted services like Google Cloud Print  [Read More…]