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First alleged photo of the Moto E surfaces from Mexico

What we have here might be our first glimpse at the Moto E. On the left is the low-cost [Moto G[(http://www.androidcentral.com/moto-g), and on the right is a phone we haven’t seen before, bearing Motorola branding and the markings of a unit used for testing before release. It has a smaller screen and body, though with what looks like might be thicker bezels. But for a phone that’s said to be thinner and cheaper, that’s a small  [Read More…]

‘Moto G Cinema’ name appears on Motorola’s site


Yet another leak for @evleaks shows that not only did the Moto X+1 appear on the Motorola site, but now it seems Motorola have yet another product in the works, and it seems to be an evolution of the Moto G.

Dubbed the Moto G Cinema, the reference appeared on Motorola’s support site, appearing as a placeholder for upcoming information. Unfortunately no offer information was  [Read More…]

Motorola rumored to be mulling a Moto G Cinema version

It looks like Motorola may offer a new variant of the Moto G, dubbed the Moto G Cinema. A leak posted by @evleaks reveals a screenshot of Motorola’s support website, with the words Moto G Cinema underneath.

The Moto X+1 makes another appearance on Motorola’s website


The Moto X+1 has reared its head before on the Moto Maker website, lending speculation of the successor to the massively popular Moto X, and it appears that the upcoming device has made yet another appearance, albeit brief.

Earlier today the Moto X+1 appeared on Motorola’s own website, but was quickly taken down. Whilst not revealing much, since it was just a landing page for  [Read More…]

Moto X+1 pops up on Motorola’s site again

The Moto X+1 hasn’t exactly been the shiest smartphone around. The first time we picked up on the Moto X+1 was in early April when the branding leaked online. Later some rumors suggested we’d be seeing leather and wood backplates as option for the upcoming handset, among many others. And finally, the Moto X+1 now appeared on Motorola’s own website before quickly being removed. Time for a little bit of déjà vu as the Moto X+1  [Read More…]

Moto E branding, specs, and pricing ‘confirmed’

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 20.49.04

Ahead of Motorola’s event scheduled for May 13th in New Delhi and London, an Indian import website have confirmed that the budget device to succeed the Moto G will be called the Moto E and will come with XT1021 (single SIM), XT1022 (dual SIM) and XT1025 (dual SIM with digital TV) model numbers.

Motorola have already begun shipping retail units of the  [Read More…]

Moto E name shows up in Indian import database

A listing on Indian import and export database Zauba appears to confirm the Moto E name for Motorola’s next handset. The specs of the handset were leaked earlier this month, and while those leaks referenced the Moto E name, this is the first time we’re seeing the name appearing somewhere official. Zauba is a database that lists all handsets arriving on Indian shores.

  [Read More…]

Consumer Cellular now offers Moto G, adds 750 retail locations


With ‘no contract’ options becoming increasingly popular, we’re starting to see quite a bit of growth in the prepaid carrier market. Let’s take Consumer Cellular, for example, who has just added 750 new retail locations inside Sears across the United States.

Since their partnership with Sears in 2011, this marks the 3rd time a Consumer Wireless expansion has taken place. John Maverick, Consumer Cellular CEO explains,

Sears  [Read More…]

New Moto X and Moto G boot animation welcomes in the warmer weather of springtime

Alright, Moto X and Moto G owners, Motorola thinks it’s time to welcome in the spring. And they’re doing so with a boot animation, just as they did for the winter and April Fools’ Day. Except now it’s ten seconds of melting snowmen, flowers, and a chick breaking from its egg.

Moto X+1 name shows up in Moto Maker, promptly removed

Though the site has since been scrubbed, for a brief time this morning you could get a glimpse of the Moto X+1 branding through Motorola’s own website. The Moto Maker service, which let users craft their own custom Moto X exposed the codename of the Moto X in the URL: “FLEXR1”. But if you changed that URL to read “FLEXR2”, a logical codename for a Moto X sequel, then you were presented with the branding of  [Read More…]