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Today’s best tech deals: Samsung Gear VR 50% off, $41 200GB microSD card, Moto G plus

Happy Friday! We’ve been doing daily deals posts for just over a month now and due to your massive interest in savings, we continue to get more discounts codes just for you readers. We try to select from the best tech deals we get sent every day, so you can save a few bucks here

Verizon’s Moto Z Droid Edition launches July 14 in New York

Motorola and Verizon have sent out invites for an event on July 14 in New York City. The event will reveal launch information, like pricing and release date for the Moto Z Droid Edition, and likely for its Moto Mods as well. This will be Motorola’s first attempt at a modular-style phone so it will be interesting to see how the two handle its launch. Information was previously made available about the Moto Z at Lenovo Tech World, but not  [Read More…]

Where to buy the Moto G4, G4 Plus and G4 Play in the U.S.

The latest in the Moto G family are headed to the U.S.

After being unveiled in other areas around the world, folks stateside will soon be able to get their hands on the Moto G4 and its sibling the Moto G4 Plus. Later on in the year, we’ll get the U.S. details on the launch of the Moto G4 Play as well.

Interested in picking up one of these low-cost high-performing phones? Here’s where you can  [Read More…]

Sunday’s best tech deals: $5 Inateck car mount, $169 Moto 360 Sport, $12 Samsung wireless charging pad

Good morning and happy Sunday. Generally most of you have tomorrow off of work, so get out to your local parade and support the birthday of the USA with your community. You can stay up extra late and sleep in tomorrow. Don’t forget to be safe and call for a car from Uber or Lyft

Today’s best deals: $4 noise cancelling wireless headphones, $174 Moto 360 Android Wear and more

It’s so nice to have a long weekend coming up with the 4th of July coming up on Monday. I am sure many of you will be out at BBQs and parties, so please have fun and stay safe. If you’re going to be drinking, don’t forget to install UBER and/or Lyft to get a ride

Amazon selling the Moto G4 with ads doesn’t mean it’s another Fire Phone

It ain’t exactly Nexus-quality stuff, but Amazon selling phones for cheap while adding a little bit of its own DNA isn’t a return to the phone of which we shall not speak.

The jokes were inevitable, of course. With the news that Amazon was sticking its mitts into the smartphone world once again — selling the new Moto G4 and BLU R1 HD for cheap in exchange for lock screen ads — it had to happen.

Return of the Fire Phone.

  [Read More…]

Today’s best deals: Moto G(4th gen) Amazon massive pre-order discount, wireless sport headphones

I am looking forward to an extra long weekend hanging out with some friends and enjoying the warm sunshine at the beach. There is a great pre-sale going on over at Amazon on the new 4th Gen Moto G where you can pick one up for just $ 125 unlocked. The caveat is your lockscreen will have

Today’s best deals: Moto 360 Sport smartwatch, Bluetooth speakers and headphones

  With just one more day remaining in June, we are just days away until our Independance Day. The weather is warm, days are long, and there are parties and bbq’s planned for the weekend. If you’ve been looking for a wireless speaker for your party, today is the day to get one. There’s sales

Today’s best deals: Moto X and 360 Sport, Vantrue car mount with free quick charger, Nest Thermostat

Today there are continuing sales the Moto X Pure. It’s widely regarded as a favorite of Android purists who despise carrier bloat and useless features. There just 24 hours left on the sale going on at Motorola, so take advantage of it if it’s been on your list. The Nest Learning Thermostat is on sale now

This weekend’s best deals: Moto X and 360 Sport, USB type-C, wireless headphones

The weather is generally pretty nice across the country, so I hope you are enjoying your weekends. Today there are some big sales on the Moto X Pure. It’s widely regarded as a favorite of Android purists who despise carrier bloat and useless features. At $ 239.99 it’s one of the best deals you can find