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U-Grip Cup Holder: Flexible car mount is just $12.99 today

For those of you who use Google Maps, or another app for turn-by-turn navigation, you understand how helpful it is to see the display. Hearing directions is great, but being able to look ahead and anticipate turns or lane changes is even better. Seeing is better than hearing.

Some people like to use window mounts for phones while others like to use the dashboard or the air vent. Did you know that there are also car mounts that fit in  [Read More…]

The iOttie Easy One Touch Connect is a car mount phone holder with Alexa

Priced at $ 70 and is exclusive to Prime members until the end of July.

What you need to know The new iOttie Easy One Touch Connect car mount puts Alexa in your car for $ 70. It is exclusive for Prime members through July. There are other options for customers without Prime, such as the Roav Viva by Anker.

There’s a new way to take Alexa on your next road trip or journey to the supermarket  [Read More…]

Score a new Veckle phone mount for your car for just $6

Phone mounts are essential for every vehicle. They let you see your GPS and music apps while keeping your phone out of arm’s reach, which is smart considering the fact that driving with your phone in hand is often illegal and always dangerous. If you don’t have a phone mount yet, or you aren’t smitten with your current model, head to Amazon and score 50% off one of these Veckle Phone Mounts. No promo code is needed; simply add your  [Read More…]

This discounted car mount attaches securely and includes wireless charging

Once installed, all you have to do is drop your phone in it for a secure fit and quick charge on the way to work.

The Choetech car air vent wireless charger mount is down to $ 18.99 with code LGBOTMEQ on Amazon. The charger sells for $ 29 without the code and more regularly sells at a higher price, including as high as $ 33 late last year. We have never seen it go this low  [Read More…]

Charge your phone on the way with iOttie’s QI Wireless Car Mount at 34% off

Stay safe and charged up with the iOttie Easy One Touch.

The iOttie Easy One Touch QI Wireless Car Mount was built to keep you safe on the road, and today you can pick one up on sale for just $ 32.87 at Amazon. That’ll save you $ 17 off its regular price, which only rarely sees a discount. It’s only dropped this low once before, too. This deal is only good through March 12, meaning you  [Read More…]

Secure your phone in the car with Aukey’s suction mount for 50% off

Keep your hands on the wheel instead of your phone.

Grab an Aukey suction car phone mount for just $ 4.99 with the code FL6GFUK7 on Amazon. This phone mount normally sells for around $ 10 and has only dropped as low as $ 8 directly. The code brings it down to one of its best prices ever.

The mount uses a reinforced suction mount to adhere itself quickly and easily to multiple surfaces, including the windshield  [Read More…]

Secure your phone with this iOttie air vent car mount at its lowest price

Time to go hands free.

The iOttie Easy One Touch Mini air vent car mount is down to $ 12.95 on Amazon. The car mount normally sells for around $ 20, and the last time we shared a price drop on it was in 2017. This is a match for that low price, which it has not dropped to since.

Well, iOttie likes to call its car mounts Easy One Touch because, believe it or not, you  [Read More…]

Adhere the iOttie One Touch 2 car mount to your dash or windshield for $12

Navigate and take hands-free calls safely with this simple car mount.

The iOttie One Touch 2 car mount is now on sale at Amazon for just $ 11.93. This is its lowest price ever and a $ 5 drop from what it usually sells for.

The One Touch 2 features a mounting system which locks and releases your device with a single push. The One Touch line is pretty well-rated, and this version is no exception. It  [Read More…]

Keep your headphones organized with this discounted hanger mount

Keep that desktop clean.

The New Bee Under Desk Aluminum Headphone Hanger hook mount is down to $ 3.96 with code PKVPGRLR on Amazon. Without the code, the hook mount sells for $ 9 and it regularly stays at that price. Discounts on this headphone hanger are rare, and we’ve never seen it go this low.

The mount is made of high-quality aluminum, and it’s capable of holding two sets at the same time. The mount uses  [Read More…]

The Vava phone mount attaches to your air vent and costs less than $4

Go hands free because it’s the safe thing to do.

The Vava car air vent phone mount cradle is down to $ 3.99 with code 9WU7OVUS on Amazon. Without the code, it’s going for $ 10 and regularly sells for around $ 8. Either way, it does not drop this low without a coupon code like this. Use it while you can!

Even on bumpy roads, this phone mount will stay secure and won’t scratch your vents  [Read More…]