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Keep your phone safe in the car with this mount for just $12 today

When driving a vehicle your phone shouldn’t be in your hands, and iGrip’s Traveler Kit is a great way to keep it safe for you. It has a strong suction cup for using on the windshield or dashboard, and right now you can pick one up for $ 12.

How to mount network storage to the NVIDIA Shield TV

You don’t have to just use storage either inside or physically attached to the NVIDIA Shield TV.

This wonderful media box can also hook into network attached storage, perfect if you’ve got a NAS at home that’s crammed full with your personal media files. Making it so your NVIDIA Shield can see this drive is a pretty simple process.

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All you have to do is follow these steps:

Open settings. Select  [Read More…]

Ventev Dashmount Minipro Window phone mount review

Although most countries around the world have placed laws against texting while driving, many citizens around the world use their mobile phones in the car for far much more than texting. Our phones have become our GPS units, as well as our media centers. I love to travel and don’t mind driving to my destination, so […]

Save 33% on ExoMount CD Car Mount (Deal of the Day)

It seems that as time goes, more and more states are passing laws which prohibit drivers from holding phones while behind the wheel. Fines are steep if you’re busted while driving with a handset up to your head. In other words, it makes more sense than ever to consider a car mount. Mounts are not […]

Keep your eyes on the road and phone safe with this car mount for just $15 for a limited time!

When you are driving your focus should be on the road ahead and not a phone in your hands. Put the phone down somewhere safe with Spigen’s great universal car mount for just $ 15 right now with coupon code GDFXMVUF. Being universal, the mount will work with a huge variety of phones, and getting your phone in it is simple thanks to its one-touch technology. This allows for the phone to easily lock in place without you having to  [Read More…]

Keep your phone safe in the car with this $10 magnetic car mount!

One of your resolutions for 2017 should definitely be to keep your phone out of your hands when you are driving, and this awesome magnetic car mount makes that so much easier. Anker’s magnetic car mount is a simple way to keep your phone out of your hands but still in view so you can use it for navigation, music streaming and more. The strong magnet allows it to work universally with just about any phone, so it won’t matter  [Read More…]

Logitech’s ZeroTouch is now the best, most expensive Android Auto car mount you can buy

A super sleek (and expensive) accessory for Android Auto.

Logitech’s in-car phone mount formerly known as the ZeroTouch has been rebranded as the “SmartCar” mount and is being stocked by the Google Store. The rebranding aligns with its change to being designed for Android Auto’s standalone phone mode, as the mount will auto-launch the Android Auto app instead of Logitech’s own ZeroTouch app.

The SmartCar mount comes in two different designs, one for mounting on  [Read More…]

Omaker 3-in-1 Universal Car Phone Mount review

We’ve got a question for you today. When you get in the car to drive somewhere, where do you put your phone? Please tell us you don’t put it in a cup holder or some sort of cubbyhole. If that thing comes out of your pocket, it needs to go somewhere handy and practical. Your

GekoGrip xM3 modular magnetic dashboard & windshield car mount (review)

Using your smartphone while driving is one of the least intelligent things you can do in your day. It’s been proven that driving distracted leads to accidents which is why it was banned by the vast majority of states in the US. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), a car accident is

GekoGrip xM3 Series Modular Magnetic CD slot car mount for smartphones (review)

A couple of weeks ago I reviewed a smartphone mount for your automobile from GekoGrip. It was a modular magnetic vent mount that certainly met a high level of quality for a reasonable price. I can’t emphasize enough how dangerous it is to talk or text with your smartphone in your hand while driving. It’s