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PS5 movie time! Can the PS5 play 4K Blu-ray movies?

Best answer: Yes, PlayStation has stepped up its home entertainment game with a 4K Blu-ray drive. Blu-ray movies have been in the cards for a couple generations now, but now Sony has caught up and included 4K.

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Sony did movie fans a huge favor by including a Blu-ray player in the PlayStation 3, considering this was a brand new technology that released  [Read More…]

Google Assistant can now help you buy movie tickets in Chrome

The Assistant can automatically navigate pages and fill out all the forms for you.

What you need to know Google has extended Duplex to the Web. You can now use the Assistant on your Android phone to book movie tickets on the Web with Chrome. In the near future, Google hopes to expand the feature to allow users to perform more complex tasks such as booking a car rental.

Google began testing a new Duplex feature last  [Read More…]

The Disney+ MCU movie marathon cheat sheet

I don’t know why Disney doesn’t have these in order, but we can fix that!

Disney Plus (aka Disney+) has the greatest collection of Marvel movies and shows ever available for legal streaming. Unless you’ve been buying up every Marvel Cinematic Universe movie over the past decade, this is likely the first time you’ve had a chance to have a proper marathon of Marvel’s Infinity Saga, which has served as the canonical MCU up to this point.  [Read More…]

Physical media has its place, but when can I stream the movie on Disney+?

Best answer: Theatrical releases should arrive on Disney+ about four months after they hit Blu-ray and DVD.

Enter the fantasia: Disney+ (From $ 7/mo at Disney+) Putting the magic on hold

The anticipation for Disney’s streaming service, Disney+ launching November 12, is steadily building and for good reason. Until now, it took scouring the various streaming services to see what was available; even then, the pickings were relatively thin. The other factor for getting our Disney fix  [Read More…]

Assistant is helping automate booking movie tickets in Chrome

Google is leveraging its Duplex technology to fill out forms and tap on buttons.

What you need to know Google Assistant can now help you book movie tickets through Chrome. It utilizes Duplex technology to cut out all the tedious tapping of buttons and filling out of info. It works with many popular movie booking sites such as AMC, Fandango, Regal, and MovieTickets.com.

Back in May at I/O 2019, Google showed off how soon you’d be able  [Read More…]

Uncharted movie director leaves, film now part of PlayStation Productions

The Uncharted movie has lost another director but will now be a part of PlayStation Productions

What you need to know The Uncharted movie is currently in production, with Tom Holland signed on to star as Nathan Drake. The director of the movie, Dan Trachtenberg, has exited the film according to a report from Deadline. Additionally, the film will now be produced as a part of PlayStation Productions. PlayStation Productions is a media studio established by Sony  [Read More…]

12 books that are better than the movie or TV show and 2 that aren’t

With this Prime Day being so huge on all things electronic, we thought we would slow things down, breath out and show you some of the best books that people tried to ruin by turning them into movies and TV shows. Amazon is offering an awesome deal, where you can get $ 5 off when you order $ 15 worth of books when you use the coupon code PRIMEBOOK19 so get reading!

Lost in space The Martian

Staff Pick

  [Read More…]

Google One rolls out new 99-cent movie rental offer for members

The promotion ends on September 30.

What you need to know Google has rolled out a new promotion for Google One members, offering a 99-cent movie rental on Google Play. The benefit can be redeemed only once per Google One plan. You will need to redeem the promotional code from Google One on or before December 31, 2019.

If you are a Google One member, you can now get a 99-cent movie rental on Google Play for  [Read More…]

Here’s how to earn a $5 Vudu credit by adding to your digital movie library

Bulk up your digital movie collection at a discount.

Vudu’s offering a $ 5 promo credit to use toward your next purchase when you convert 10 titles using a Disc 2 Digital method through April 21. If you’ve never used the D2D feature on Vudu before, it’s super quick, very easy, and can actually save you money on your digital purchases! If you complete all of the required D2D conversions before the end of the promo, you’ll receive a  [Read More…]

Keep your family busy over the holidays with $1 Digital HD movie rentals

Watch on your own time.

A massive variety of Digital HD films are available to rent for just $ 0.99 each at Amazon today, from family-friendly movies to teen films and movies for older audiences. There are even some newer films in the mix like A Quiet Place. If you’re planning on having a bunch of people over for the holidays soon, this could be one of the more affordable ways to keep them entertained for a  [Read More…]