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Google Home finally adds support for multiple users

As anticipated, Google officially announced in a blog post that its popular Bluetooth speaker – the Google Home, has gained multiple users support. Starting this week, Google Home allows users to add up to six household members which can connect with their individual accounts. Remember that in a previous article we were wondering whether Google […]

Google Home multiple user support is just around the corner

It’s a feature that’s long been overdue – multiple user support in Google Home – and this week we’re seeing evidence that the functionality is headed for the voice activated virtual assistant really soon. According to the Android Police, some users noticed a new card pop up in their Discover tab on the Google Home […]

How to add multiple destinations in Google Maps

Easily add multiple stops to your Google Maps route.

One of the best additions to Google Maps is the ability to add multiple stops to your route. If you’re running an errand or picking up groceries on your way back home, the feature gives you a quick look at the overall time for the trip and any delays along the way. You can add up to nine stops, and there’s also the option to rearrange the stops  [Read More…]

Using an Android watch with multiple Google Accounts

People with multiple accounts have some extra steps in Android Wear now.

Where previous versions of Android Wear acted as an extension of your phone, anything running Wear 2.0 is designed to work like it’s a standalone Android device. A big part of setting up this experience is moving your Google Account over to the watch from your phone.

This is a fairly trivial thing to do with a single account, but if you use multiple Google  [Read More…]

Multiple reports of the Samsung Galaxy S7 catching fire as well

Admittedly when the first stories of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 catching fire were published, my initial thoughts were someone did it on purpose to get media attention, or maybe they used a bad charger, but I was wrong. And I’m sorry for thinking that. After multiple news outlets reported the stories and more continued

Lumsing is giving away multiple portable power banks on Facebook

Pokemon Go players know all too well that their smartphones simply need more power. Using your display and GPS will drain your battery faster than you’d like, but there are options to help you playing all day long. Portable power banks are a great way to recharge your smartphones on the go, and Lumsing is giving

AT&T GoPhone discounting multiple line accounts, offering free phones

AT&T GoPhone, the prepaid arm of its tier-one service, today announced a deal for customers looking to sign up multiple lines. Starting on August 19, the carrier will discount “Multi-Line” accounts to the tune of $ 5-$ 20 per line. To qualify for the savings, you’ll have to subscribe to a 3GB ($ 45/month) or 6GB ($ 60/month) plan

Instagram app now supports multiple accounts

instagram_multipleA new update to the Instagram app for Android and iOS devices was announced yesterday which should come as welcome news for a number of you. Available in the 7.15 version of the app is support for multiple user accounts.

Once you have the update you will be able to hop back and forth between various Instagram accounts. No longer will you have to log out of one profile to log back  [Read More…]

Instagram announces full support for multiple accounts

Following recent reports that it was testing the feature, Instagram has officially announced that it is rolling out full support for multiple accounts. Starting this week, users will be able to log into multiple accounts at once, and easily switch between them within the Instagram app for Android and iPhone.

From Instagram:

Starting this week, you can quickly and easily switch between multiple accounts on Instagram! Go to  [Read More…]