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Google flexes machine learning muscles with new features for Gboard

Gboard update includes new enhancements to make typing and searching easier.

Google has added some fun and helpful new features to Gboard, which highlight its latest machine learning capabilities. In a blog post, Google showed off a new doodle-search function for emojis, predictive phrase suggestions for texting, and enhanced results for searches made from within the keyboard.

Look for the enhanced feature to pop up in the latest update for Gboard in the Google Play Store.

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Samsung, it’s high time you flexed your muscles with American carriers

The company that sells the most smartphones in the world needs to start acting like they sell the most smartphones in the world.

According to IDC (a company who does nothing but assemble data and provide information about technology and telecommunications), “Samsung remained the leader in the worldwide smartphone market for the quarter and the year with 85.6 million units shipped in 4Q15, up 14% from last year.”

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