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Essential plans to expand Phone sales to carriers soon, ship near-stock Android software

New details on the Essential Phone emerge — and they look positive.

Essential is getting a whole lot of attention after it finally announced the Essential Phone with its pretty excellent-looking hardware and unique features. The only issue for those excited about it is that it still isn’t actually for sale — there’s a “reserve” system in which you can drop the required $ 699 to get on the list for one when it ships, with no  [Read More…]

Oppo R7s gets a near-stock Android experience with Project Spectrum beta

Oppo announced the company has made available a new Marshmallow-based ROM for the R7s. Called Project Spectrum, this beta test is ready for download and will be available for the R7 Plus on May 13. Project Spectrum is an alternative option for those with supported OPPO hardware who do not wish to use ColorOS. What makes this particular option worth considering is the near-stock Android experience.

The team at OPPO have fused together some of the  [Read More…]

Oppo planning Project Spectrum near-stock Android ROM for the R7s in 2016

The new Oppo R7s is now on sale in Europe, and while we’re waiting on our review unit to land, we bring news of the exciting sounding “Project Spectrum” from the Chinese manufacturer. Having been already announced for the Find 7 and Find 7a, one Android Central reader posed the question in the comments as to whether it would find its way to the R7s.

And Oppo responded with good news. It currently plans to offer the software  [Read More…]

OPPO introduces near-stock Android experience for select devices

ColorOS is OPPO’s flavor of Android and to say the least it’s rather heavy and much like other Chinese OEM versions of Android it takes a lot of its design cues from iOS. In their defense, that’s the type of thing that sells well in the Chinese smartphone market but when it comes to western markets, that’s not as popular of a choice. This week OPPO announced what they’re calling “Project Spectrum;” a near-stock version of Android that will be  [Read More…]

Oppo’s Project Spectrum brings a near-stock Android experience to the Find 7 and 7a

Smartphone maker Oppo has released the first beta version of its “near-stock” Android ROM for the Find 7 and 7a, based on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop.