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Google Nest Mini pictures reveal a built-in wall mount and familiar design

A more powerful speaker also seems likely.

What you need to know WinFuture has provided renders and promotional images of the Google Nest Mini. This is the successor to the Google Home Mini, and it has a built-in wall mount. The Nest Mini will likely be announced on October 15 alongside the Pixel 4.

Google’s long-awaited Pixel 4 event finally takes place on October 15, and we can’t wait for the phone to be official following an  [Read More…]

Which big smart screen is right for you? Nest Hub Max or Amazon Echo Show

The Nest Hub Max takes all that was great about the Nest Hub and scales it up. Amazon has taken a similar approach with its Echo Show line. We’ll talk through the pros and cons of each to help you decide which you should get.

Nest Hub Max

Nest to the MAX

$ 230 at B&H

Pros Face Match feature is cool Physical mic and camera cover switch Google Photos integration for a smart frame  [Read More…]

Should you spring for the Nest Hub Max or stick with the Nest Hub?

Nest Hub Max

Bigger and more powerful

$ 230 at Google

Pros Larger display Stereo speaker system Built-in Nest Cam Gestures and Face Match Duo Video Call support Bluetooth 5.0 Cons Only available in two colors Too big for a nightstand clock Expensive

Google’s Nest Hub Max is the more powerful smart home hub, with a larger display and built-in Nest Cam for additional features. However, you’re limited to two color options, and it’s likely  [Read More…]

Nest Wifi with Google Assistant to launch at Google event on October 15

The system will consist of one primary router and two secondary ones.

What you need to know Google is reportedly making a “Nest Wifi” system as a successor to Google Wifi. The new hardware will double as Google Assistant speakers. It’ll likely be announced at Google’s upcoming October 15 event.

Google recently announced that it’ll be holding an event on October 15 to show off its latest hardware, with the main focus expected to be the Pixel  [Read More…]

Nest Learning (3rd Gen) vs. Nest E: Which smart thermostat is best for you?

At Mobile Nations, we love smart home tech. We’ve been testing Nest devices since 2012. We know what makes them tick and why that matters.

Nest Learning (3rd Gen)

All the conveniences

$ 248 at Amazon

Pros Learns your patterns and creates a heating and cooling schedule accordingly Compatible with 95% of HVAC systems Farsight function Works with smart assistants Seven color options Cons Pricey

The latest Nest Learning Thermostat works with almost every type  [Read More…]

Google Nest Mini stops by the FCC, confirms wall-mount and 3.5mm jack

The sketch also reveals the design will stay relatively unchanged.

What you need to know The new updated Nest Mini, previously known as Home Mini, just made a stop by the FCC. It is expected to launch at Google’s hardware event that will most likely take place on October 15. The sketch in the FCC listing confirms the addition of a wall-mount and 3.5mm jack to the Nest Mini.

While we can’t escape the deluge of Pixel  [Read More…]

Nest Hub Max now available in U.S., UK, and Australia for $229

The camera supports Face Match and Quick Gestures to control media.

What you need to know The Google Nest Hub Max is officially available in the U.S., UK, and Australia for $ 229. It can be ordered from the Google Store, Best Buy, Home Depot, Target, and more. The oversized Nest Hub comes with a 10-inch screen and built-in camera with Face Match, Quick Gestures, and the ability to view your home using the camera.

It’s finally  [Read More…]

The Nest Cam Indoor can’t compare to the Logi Circle 2

Logi Circle 2


$ 130 at Amazon

Pros 24-hour free video footage 2-way audio 180-degree field of view Person and pet detection alerts (with subscription) Works with Alexa, Google Assistant, and HomeKit Weatherproof Cons Night vision not as good in practice Need a subscription for more features

The Logi Circle 2 is an easy-to-install motion-detecting security camera. It starts recording once motion is detected and has a 180-degree field of view. It’s also compatible  [Read More…]

The Nest Hub Max’s ‘Face Match’ is popping up in Assistant’s settings

Nest Hub is scheduled to launch on September 9.

What you need to know Face Match is showing up in the Assistant settings menu for some users ahead of the Nest Hub Max launch. The new feature will be similar to voice match but will use facial recognition to recognize up to six users to deliver personalized results. The Nest Hub Max is rumored to have a release date of September 9.

The Google Nest Hub Max  [Read More…]

The Nest Hello doorbell upgraded with package tracking — finally!

The Nest Hello is probably my most-used piece of smart home tech. It works as a security camera, an intercom and, alongside my Nest x Yale door lock, a way to let people into my house when I’m not there. It’s great.

But like many smart doorbells, it can’t do anything about packages left at the door — a practice that, with drivers from Amazon, UPS, FedEx and other delivery companies increasingly pressed for time during busy shifts,  [Read More…]