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PSA: Netflix is down in most parts of the U.S. right now

Netflix is seeing widespread outages across most parts of the U.S.

What you need to know Netflix is seeing a widespread outage in the U.S., with users in California, Texas, and the Pacific Northwest facing connectivity issues. Users are getting an HTP-500 error code when trying to stream content, suggesting issues with Netflix’s servers. Netflix says it is aware of the issue, and is investigating a possible fix.

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How to use Netflix Party to watch with friends amidst social distancing

With the current COVID-19 crisis forcing people around the globe to practice social distancing and stay at home more, we’re all beginning to yearn for a visit from our close friends and relatives. Birthday parties and vacation plans are cancelled or postponed for the time being, and with game night on hiatus indefinitely, who knows when it’ll actually be safe again to have a guest over or take a trip to a friend’s house.

Netflix Party is a Chrome extension  [Read More…]

Netflix announces $100 million coronavirus fund

“This community has supported Netflix through the good times, and we want to help them through these hard times…”

What you need to know Netflix has announced it has set up a $ 100 million fund amidst the coronavirus outbreak. The money will go towards “hardship in the creative community”. Much of this money will go to workers on its own productions, but at least $ 15 million will go to third parties and non-profits.

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Looking for stuff to binge while you’re at home? Check out Netflix

Netflix started out as a service focused on movies, but now fans tend to think of great shows first. Netflix has so many great TV shows that it can be hard to know where to begin. You might have a lot of time on your hands all of a sudden, and want to watch shows on Netflix that you know are worth your time on the couch. Here are the best 21 Netflix shows in 2020, separated by original series  [Read More…]

Netflix will throttle streaming quality in Europe for 30 days

Switch to standard definition when HD is not needed to prevent breaking the internet.

What you need to know European Union Commissioner Thiery Breton is urging people to switch to SD quality when streaming Netflix to save the internet Netflix CEO Reed Hastings and Breton have already spoken once on the matter and will discuss it again today. During the coronavirus pandemic, millions of people are sheltering in place, putting a strain on the internet while they  [Read More…]

How to disable Netflix autoplay previews and trailers for good

It’s finally happened: Netflix now allows you to clamp down on its terrible, annoying, very bad autoplaying trailers and previews. You know the ones, that start playing immediately after you open the app on your phone, laptop, or television. The ones that, right after you finish that perfect season finale and are trying to digest what just happened to your favorite characters, remind you there’s a new season of Grace and Frankie, even though you never want to  [Read More…]

Netflix begins streaming AV1 on Android to help users save data

Not all titles are available to stream in AV1 currently.

What you need to know Netflix has started streaming videos on its Android app using the AV1 codec. The royalty-free video codec offers 20% higher compression efficiency over VP9. Only selected titles are currently available to stream in AV1.

Netflix today announced that it has started to stream video using the royalty-free AV1 codec on its Android app. The AV1 codec, which was released in 2018, promises  [Read More…]

What’s new on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and HBO in February 2020

Sam. Zoë. Jordan. Pacino. Say no more.

Ah, February. The month of Valentine’s Day. And is there really a better way to spend it than with your old pal Samuel L. Jackson?

He’s back in the latest installment of Shaft on HBO. And on Netflix, we’ve got the second season of Altered Carbon, the follow-up to To All The Boys — and every Police Academy movie ever made. (Hope you were sitting down for that one.)

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How Netflix is boosting its ‘watched-by’ numbers by 35%

Henry Cavill in “The Witcher,” which Netflix says has been viewed by at least 76 million households.

The streaming giant has changed the way it reports whether someone has watched something.

Netflix has released its Q4 2019 earnings. As far as earnings reports go, it’s pretty standard. You can ready the highlights here. But the most interesting thing tucked amid all those numbers is that Netflix has changed the way it’s reporting — crowing, really — about how  [Read More…]

How to watch Studio Ghibli films on Netflix in the U.S., Canada, & Japan

Netflix has just announced that beginning on February 1 it will begin bringing Studio Ghibli films to its service. In total, there will be 21 films that make an appearance, and they will come in three phases. The films will be made available globally through a distribution partner Wild Bunch International, though this rollout will exclude some big markets.

For those not familiar, Studio Ghibli was founded back in 1985 by the directors Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata and the  [Read More…]