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The Nexus power button double-press camera launch should be a standard Android feature

One of the more functional features Google rolled out this year isn’t likely to leave the Nexus lineup.

Being able to quickly launch the camera on your phone is the best. Watching people unlock their phone and tap the camera icon on their home screen while you sit there already recording or snapping away because a gesture or button combo let you launch the camera as soon as the phone left your pocket is amazing. Any  [Read More…]

Best Buy offers $50 off gold Nexus 6P, throws in $25 gift card

Best Buy is currently offering a solid deal on the gold Nexus 6P, cutting its price by $ 50 and throwing in a $ 25 gift card to boot. While this deal is only for the gold variant, it does include both the 32GB and 64GB models, knocking the down to $ 449 and $ 499, respectively.

The Nexus 6P was originally released in September, and we’ve seen a number of deals on the smartphone since. This  [Read More…]

HTC offering HUGE discount on Nexus 9 today only

Are you looking for a tablet for your Valentine? HTC is having a massive, limited-time sale to help you pick one up at a great price.

For today only you can pick up an HTC Nexus 9 for 40 percent off! This brings the cost down to be very competitive with even the best priced tablets. Here’s how all the prices break down:

16 GB WiFi – $ 239 32 GB Wifi – $ 287 32 GB Wifi + LTE – $ 359

The 16 GB  [Read More…]

Seidio SURFACE kickstand cases for Nexus 5X are 40% off today only!

This slim, dual-layer hard case provides excellent protection for the Nexus 5X while offering an enhanced grip and a built-in kickstand for convenient viewing. Choose your favorite color today for only $ 17.95!

Google Store $50 Nexus 5X discount ends on February 12

Google has been offering a $ 50 discount on the Nexus 5X for a few weeks already, and now the company has announced that the discount will end on February 12. If you have been eyeing the Nexus 5X, and like to save some extra money, you will want to make your purchase prior to February 12, so you can take advantage of the sale.

With the discount, the 16GB version of the smartphone is priced  [Read More…]

The 100% full wood Nexus 6P skin by Toast

I am not a huge fan of using cases for my smartphones because they add too much bulk. There is definitely a purpose to them if you’re the type who is rough on your smartphone. But if you are gentle on your devices you should strongly consider getting a skin. I have a really unique skin made by Toast on my Nexus 6P and it is pretty freaking amazing.


About Toast  [Read More…]

Nexus 5X, three months on

The lesser of the 2015 Nexus phones is a bit of a mixed bag, even after three months of use.

After doing a roundup of our thoughts on the Nexus 6P after three months of use, we wanted to offer the same treatment to the Nexus 5X. Though it doesn’t have the power or draw of the high-end 6P, the Nexus 5X has a considerable following — due in part to the nostalgia factor of its  [Read More…]

Nexus factory images updated with February security patches

If you own a Nexus phone or tablet, and don’t like to wait for the OTA release, you can now download the latest factory image from Google and flash it yourself. The update is still Android 6.0.1, but carries a different version number depending which phone or tablet you are using.

Depending on your device, the latest update will have a version number of MMB29Q, MMB29U, MMB29R or MXB48T. Included in this release is the latest  [Read More…]

Save 37% on these slim kickstand cases for the Nexus 6P today only!

Featuring a shock-absorbent layer underneath a durable polycarbonate shell, the SURFACE case from Seidio protects against drops while sporting a slim design. On the back is a fold-out kickstand for convenient viewing, too. Yours today for only $ 18.95!

Looking for accessories for your Nexus 6P or 5X? Here are our favorites

So you have a shiny new Huawei Nexus 6P or LG Nexus 5X. How do you make the most of it? How do you protect it? It’s been hard sledding trying to find a wide range of accessories so far. These are by no means Samsung or Apple phones where you can find hundreds of cases, screen protectors, and cables in a ton of designs and variations. In a previous post, I declared this USB Type-C dock my favorite Nexus accessory,  [Read More…]