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ROM review: MIUI for the Nexus S 4G


Our pal digitalslacker is back, showing off a little MIUI action for the Nexus S 4G with another great ROM review.  Reader submitted reviews are pretty much the best way to get an in-depth look at how things run, especially when it’s something as complicated and feature-packed as a full Android ROM.  Android tinkerers and hackers that use a specific phone tend to know it inside and out, and know how and  [Read More…]

Anonymous 4Chan user goes hands on with the Nexus Prime, Ice Cream Sandwich


In a recent series of posts from an anonymous user on 4Chan, quite the detailed encounter with the Nexus Prime (or Samsung Galaxy Nexus as it’s being referred to) has been documented. Not only that, but there was also some seemingly accurate information shared on Ice Cream Sandwich, as well as Samsung’s Galaxy S III (this information will be in a separate post to keep discussion organized).

Because information on 4Chan  [Read More…]

Rumor: Nexus Prime looks like a taller Nexus S, is coming to Verizon first


New day, new Nexus Prime rumors. Today’s spoonful of he said/she said is brought to you by the guys over at TheDroidGuy. As always, everything I say from this point on is based on rumors and shouldn’t be taken as facts. With that out of the way, let’s dig in.

The lucky chaps over at TheDroidGuy have somehow managed to get their hands on a demo unit of the Nexus Prime.  [Read More…]

Rumor: Nexus Prime to be 8.8 mm thick, have curved screen, metal chassis


I hope you’re ready for your daily dose of Nexus Prime rumors, ’cause we have a good one for you today. Thanks to a “trusted tipster,” the guys over at GSMArena have managed to get their hands on a few bits of information about the Nexus Prime. As with most rumors that come our way, we ask you to take them for what they are: just rumors and nothing else.

If  [Read More…]

Samsung confirms upcoming Google phone will be named Nexus Prime


Samsung might have just confirmed the next “Google Phone” will be called Nexus Prime. The company has decided to upload the User Agent Profile file of the device with “Nexus Prime” clearly written on it. A name that was actually first brought to light by our very own Taylor way back in May. The page also officially confirms the GT-I9250 device as being the Nexus Prime, something we didn’t know for  [Read More…]

Nexus Prime passes through Bluetooth SIG; Droid Prime receives WiFi certification


If you think this headline looks familiar, don’t worry. It’s not just you. The last time we heard anything on both the Droid and Nexus Primes, the Ice Cream Sandwich devices were making the rounds, finishing up the pre-release circuit. During the last week of August, the SCH-i515 (Droid Prime) was seen doing the Bluetooth SIG shuffle, while the GT-i9250 was hanging out with the WiFi certification crowd. Today, those roles  [Read More…]

Android 2.3.6 rolling out to some Nexus S owners – Fixes voice search, breaks tethering

Nexus S

Some Samsung Nexus S owners are seeing Android 2.3.6 roll out to their devices. We say some, because not all devices and not all carriers appear to be supported as of yet, though Google states the update will be rolled out over time and in some cases — depend on carrier approval.

Sprint has an update, GWK15F, posted on their site while folks in Canada on Rogers and Fido are also seeing  [Read More…]

GT-I9250 Nexus Prime Support Page Found

A support page has been found online for the Samsung GT-I9250, adding a tad bit more fuel to the Nexus Prime fires.  What does that mean?  Not much other than the fact that the phone must be inching closer to announcement and release.  This is just one more piece of the puzzle that also includes a recent Wi-Fi certification for the device.  Of course, we’ll be watching  [Read More…]

How might a Droid Prime affect the future of Android’s Nexus line?

Nexus Droid Prime

Perusers of our Rumored Devices Forum were the first to learn weeks ago that the Nexus Prime is (a) coming to Verizon and (b) we should expect it in October. But what if it’s a Droid-branded device? BGR brings that bit of unofficial info this morning, adding that it’ll be the SCH-i515, and it’s an interesting idea, spawning several possibilities.

First, remember that we’re all expecting the Nexus Prime (or Droid Prime,  [Read More…]

Samsung GT-I9250 aka Nexus Prime Receives WiFi Certification

The Samsung GT-I9250 received wifi certification yesterday meaning it does exist, and likely to be on schedule for a late fall early winter release. This is the device rumoured to be Google’s next flagship, the Nexus Prime, with a HD (1280×720) screen of 4.5″ or possibly even 4.65″ and a next-gen 1.5GHz dual core processor. Good news  [Read More…]