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Save $13 on this protective Nexus 6P case today!

Worried about keeping your Nexus 6P protected and still having it look good? If so, Seidio’s Surface case may be just what you are looking for, as it offers great protection without a ton of bulk. The built-in kickstand adds some functionality, and today you can grab one in blue, black or red for just $ 16.95.

Best accessories for Nexus 5X

Take your Nexus 5X to the next level with these great accessories.

LG’s Nexus 5X is a great phone that you can make even greater with the right accessories, and we are here to help you choose the right ones.

We have compiled a list of fantastic accessories to enhance your experience with your Nexus 5X.

Vinsic USB-C Car Charger Anker USB-C to USB 3.0 Cable Cambond 6.6ft USB C to USB C Anker USB-C to  [Read More…]

This Nexus 6P screen protector is just $8.95 today!

Do you want to keep the screen of your Nexus 6P looking good long term? If so, Tru Protection’s screen protectors make a great addition to the phone, as they not only keep your screen safe from scratches but also assist in preventing glare. Right now, you can pick one up for $ 8.95.

Nexus Player makes its exit from the Google Store

Google is no longer directly selling the Nexus Player, its premiere Android TV set-top box that launched alongside Google’s second (and more successful) attempt at entering the living room.

If you visit the Google Store now, the Nexus Player is no longer listed under the TV & Audio section, and its direct link no longer works either. Meanwhile, the Nexus Player remains out of stock across online retail outlets, so your best bet for securing one  [Read More…]

Keep your Nexus 6P looking good for just $3.95 today!

The Nexus 6P is no small phone, and odds are that you don’t want to make it any bigger to keep it protected. Don’t let your phone go unprotected for that reason, instead add Amzer’s Pudding TPU case for a thin protective layer on the phone. Today, you can pick one up for 60% off, making it just $ 3.95.

Current Nexus phones won’t get Android N’s newest feature

Google announced a feature at I/O this year that will become a big feature of how Android N receives updates. Borrowed from Chrome OS, it will allow Android N phones to automatically update itself in the background. But current Nexus devices won’t be able to get this feature, even if they update to Android N.

90% of Nexus phone users now have a secure lock screen, thanks to fingerprint sensors

The fantastic fingerprint sensors in the Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X have been a revelation when it comes to simplicity of unlocking your phone, keeping apps secure and authenticating payments, and it turns out a lot of Nexus users have jumped on board. Speaking at the 3rd Annual Google Security Update session at Google I/O 2016, Stephan Somogyi from Google dropped an interesting statistic on us — since the launch of the  [Read More…]

Android N’s seamless update feature won’t be available on current Nexus devices

During its day ine keynote speech at the start of this year’s I/O developer conference, Google officially debuted a new feature that would allow Android devices to automatically update to the latest version of the platform without any major input from the user thanks to tweaks in Android N.

For Google, this meant that once the company released an update out into the wild, they knew that their Nexus-branded handsets would automatically be upgraded with security patches and new features,  [Read More…]

Best Accessories for Nexus 6P

Want to get the most out of your Nexus 6P? Check out these great accessories!

Your Nexus 6P is a powerful device, and right out of the box it works like a dream. Of course, you can always turn your Nexus 6P into a force to be reckoned with by getting a few little extras.

Accessories are the spice of life — they change your phone from ordinary to extraordinary. If you want to kick up  [Read More…]

Google Developers website now offers Nexus OTA files in addition to full factory images

A small but seriously cool update was pushed to the Google Developers website today, launching a new section that gives Nexus owners download links to OTA (over the air) update files in addition to the full factory images we’ve used before. The website is currently showing the two most recent Android 6.0.1 OTAs for all Nexus devices since the Nexus 7 (2013), as well as the Pixel C.

With these OTA files, you can quickly update  [Read More…]