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The NIFTY Mobile Charger is the smartest battery pack you’ll ever buy

This NIFTY battery pack sure lives up to its name, but can its slick design justify the price?

Battery packs are essential phone accessories these days. We rely on our phones to do so much, and heavy phone users often can’t rely on their phone’s internal battery to get them through a full day without a recharge along the way.

Furthermore, few battery packs offer the same functionality and features, making it sometimes confusing as to which  [Read More…]

Motorola launches X4 with dual cameras, Amazon Alexa, and other nifty features

Following closely on the heels of its Z2 Play and Z2 Force, Motorola is back again with another smartphone release. Indeed, today sees the company launching its fourth iteration of the popular X line. Expected to go on sale starting in September, the new Moto X4 will retail for around $ 480 USD. If specs are […]

Take advantage of BlackBerry’s nifty Black Friday discounts

BlackBerry might not be so popular with customers anymore but the company still offers a few worthy devices. Speaking of which, the Canadian ex-smartphone maker is offering a set of pretty decent discounts for Black Friday. The Canadian company has already kick started its Black Friday deals which include a couple of Android smartphones and

Via Voice by Treycent, Inc. The nifty app with loads of promise

One of the most appealing features of android now days is voice controls. Google has been at the forefront of voice commands by being simple and intuitive. One of the drawbacks to voice commands is lack of custom voice commands.  Treycent has come up with a solution with an application called Via Voice. the application allows the user to set up custom voice commands to access pictures. This alleviates an issue that plagues many users by having quick access to  [Read More…]

Google Play Services 6.5 brings some nifty new features

Google has announced today that they will soon be rolling out Google Play services 6.5, bringing some snazzy new features to Google Maps, Drive, Wallet, and Fit.