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This $11 wireless charger lets you end the nightmare of finding your cable in the dark

Step into the future of charging, today.

The days of plugging in our phones everytime they need to be charged are quickly becoming a thing of the past, and it’s great. Wireless charging is easier (most of the time), and recently it’s become far more affordable. As long as you have a compatible phone, like a new iPhone 8 or iPhone X, or even a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or LG G6, all you need is the  [Read More…]

Daily brief: A Pixel in every pocket, a Note 7 in every nightmare

What happened in Android news on October 5, 2016?

We took the day off yesterday because it was all about the Pixel. And that’s OK, because the Pixel was a pretty big deal. I couldn’t help be caught up in the excitement, enjoying the dual-toned finish of the phones, and the promise of the best phone camera ever (though, probably not). I even enjoyed Google’s rather cheesy Assistant demoes, which showcased the artificial intelligence at its  [Read More…]

Android and chill: Samsung’s nightmare moment

How you handle a product safety issue is important. Samsung handled it right.

Samsung just faced the worst nightmare any type of product design team could have on Friday. They realized that the Note 7 had some sort of flaw, and one that could hurt people, so they’re pulling it off the shelves.

I’m not going to try and hash out all the different theories about why or how many or anything like that. We can  [Read More…]