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New leaked renders show Nokia C1 Android phone

At one time, Nokia was regarded as the gold standard for mobile phones. They were incredibly reliable and incredibly durable. Don’t believe me? Just google search Nokia memes.


Now Nokia is known for making mobile devices for the pretty lackluster Windows mobile platform. But fear not, apparently Nokia is getting back in the game. Late last year our own Jalen Benjamin reported on a blurry leaked concept render of an Android  [Read More…]

Nokia sells HERE to German carmakers for $3 billion

Nokia has announced that it has sold its mapping business HERE to German car consortium comprising of Audi, BMW and Daimler for 2.8 billion Euro ($ 3 billion). The Finnish company was looking to sell HERE to focus on the integration of Alcatel-Lucent, which it acquired for $ 16.6 billion earlier this year.

HERE’s high-definition real-time digital mapping technology gives the aforementioned car makers the ability to further their research on self-driving cars, and integrate connected services  [Read More…]

Nokia reportedly will sell HERE Maps division to Audi, BMW and Daimler

Nokia’s quest to sell off its HERE Maps division may have come to an end. A new report claims that the company is close to signing off on a deal that will sell the maps division to German-based car makers Audi, BMW and Daimler for over $ 2.71 billion.

Nokia reaffirms plans to get back into the smartphone business

Nokia has issued a statement today reaffirming its intent to get back into the smartphone game, mostly reiterating statements made by the company’s CEO in June. However, the company’s plans revolve around finding the right licensing partner who will be responsible for manufacturing and distributing the phone — similar to how the Android-sporting Nokia N1 tablet came to be.

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Nokia denies online reports it will start making and selling smartphones again

Nokia has issued an official statement that denies recent online reports that the Finland-based company will make and sell smartphones once again.

The statement refers to a story posted on a China-based website on Friday that allegedly quoted the head of Nokia in that country. That report said Nokia would being making Android-based smartphones in one of its Chinese facilities.

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Nokia has plans to make smartphones in 2016

In a post by re/code, sources claim Nokia is ready to return to making smartphones as soon as 2016.  When Nokia partnered and then sold off to Microsoft, they kept three small divisions, one of which is responsible for licensing patents.  Nokia has been in the technology sector far longer than some of the newer competition, so their Nokia Technologies division owns over 10,000 patents.  Those patents can make it much cheaper to get back into the smartphone market, as  [Read More…]

Nokia reportedly plans a return to smartphones in 2016

Nokia is planning to make a comeback and return to making phones in 2016. That’s according to personnel familiar with company plans, who reveal that releasing Android tablets under the brand simply isn’t enough.

Nokia agrees to acquire Alcatel-Lucent for $16.6 billion

Nokia’s acquisition of the French telecommunications equipment company for $ 16.6 billion is now confirmed, following reports from earlier this week.

Nokia reportedly discussing the possible sale of its HERE maps division

A new story says that Nokia is reportedly “exploring” the idea of selling off its HERE maps division.

The company may decide to ditch the maps business in part to concentrate its time on its wireless network division. HERE Maps is already getting some interest from other companies and private-equity firms, according to Bloomberg’s unnamed sources.

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Nokia updates HERE Maps for Android with new features and drops the ‘beta’ label

Nokia has not only launched a big update for its HERE maps app for Android in the Google Play Store, it’s also ditching the ‘beta’ label as it feels the app is “mature and stable enough to stand as a full production release.” The update also brings a number of new features and improvements.

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