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Save a trip to the mechanic with the $40 Nonda OBD-II car code reader

Get app notifications for every issue.

The Nonda ZUS smart vehicle health monitor OBD-II car code reader is down to $ 39.99 on Amazon from a street price of $ 60. It has never dropped this low before and hasn’t come anywhere close since dropping to $ 45 back in June briefly.

The Nonda monitor will keep tabs on your engine with real-time alerts and predictions based on the collected data. It will also decode engine error  [Read More…]

Thursday’s best tech deals: nonda ZUS car charger that can also locate your car

One of the coolest items I have come across lately, and I am currently in the process of testing it out now, is the nonda ZUS smart car charger. It not only charges two devices at the same time like other car chargers, but it keeps track of where your car is located too. It’s

The ZUS Kevlar USB cable by nonda is the last you’ll ever need (Lifetime Warranty)

Charging cables are essential to keeping our mobile products powered up. If we want to stay powered, even with a portable battery pack, we need to bring along our cables. The biggest problem with cables is they all break over time. The more you use them, and the more you bend them, the faster they will