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Galaxy Note 8 review: MrMobile loves that S Pen

Six-point-three; 3300; 195; twelve. Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 8 is awash in numbers … but there’s only one that really matters: $ 105. That’s how many more clams you’ll shell out at the register if you choose the Galaxy Note 8 over its close cousin, the Galaxy S8+. In exchange, you’ll get a larger screen, dual cameras, a few spec bumps … and the most misunderstood accessory in smartphones. Many folks are asking if adding a stylus is worth  [Read More…]

Some people are already receiving their Note 8 pre-orders

Some Galaxy Note 8 owners have already received their devices.

Pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 went live last week, with an official shipment date of September 15. However, it seems that shipment date is just a formality: some of our forums users have already received their pre-ordered devices.

Our forum users are reporting receiving their devices as early as September 5, 10 days before the device is even supposed to ship. Users who purchased the  [Read More…]

Watch our Galaxy Note 8 video review!

The Galaxy Note 8 is a big phone, and that means it deserves big attention. Like when you read our complete review, and then want to see even more of the phone. That’s where you turn to our complete video review, which you can see right here!

There’s something about seeing a phone actually being used, with some perspective of what it’s like in real life, that adds to the experience of learning about it. That’s exactly what our  [Read More…]

The Note 8 and the LG V30 won’t have Oreo at launch but does it really matter?

It depends on just who you ask.

So we’re going to be able to buy the Note 8 or the LG V30 (or both) soon. They have more in common than being the “luxury” model from the companies who make them: they are both launching with Android Nougat instead of Oreo. How much does this really matter, and to whom?

These two phones are important to the companies selling them, the people who will be buying them,  [Read More…]

Best microSD Cards For Samsung Galaxy Note 8

What’s the best microSD card to use with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8?

2017 is Samsung’s year to make up for the fiasco surrounding last year’s Note 7 —and the Galaxy Note 8 sure seems ready to impress!

If the 64GB of base internal storage on the Note 8 isn’t going to cut it (and you missed out on the pre-order deals that include a 128GB microSD card), you’ll want to invest in a quality microSD card  [Read More…]

Best Screen Protectors for the Galaxy Note 8 … So Far

What are the best screen protectors for keeping my Galaxy Note 8 scratch-free?

The Galaxy Note 8 is shaping up to be one heck of a flagship. With a slightly larger screen than the Galaxy S8 Plus, it’s the largest Samsung phone of 2017… and also the most expensive. You’re definitely going to want to keep that screen in pristine condition.

We’ll be updating this article with the best screen protector options for the Note 8 as  [Read More…]

T-Mobile Galaxy Note 8 BOGO deal in the works, leaked document suggests

Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 8 just days ago, and already, we’re starting to see deals emerge. First, Samsung decided to give trade-in values for current and veteran smartphones. Next, Verizon and Sprint have already provided discount deals for the Galaxy Note 8, with both carriers offering up to 50% off the new Galaxy Note 8 […]

Unlock Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – Methods

We’ve waited for this ever since last year, when Samsung decided to discontinue the Galaxy Note 7, after the infamous battery issues it had to deal with. During a special event, the manufacturer unveiled the new Samsung Galaxy S8, their top notch phablet, which, as you might expect, won’t come for cheap. Considering this, a lot of […]

Galaxy Note 8 screen earns DisplayMate’s first-ever A+ grade

We knew the display on the Note 8 was going to be good but had no idea it would be this good.

There is a lot to like about the Galaxy Note 8, but one part of it has already won an award of sorts. DisplayMate, producers of what’s recognized as the best suite of tools for display diagnostics and calibration, has given the Note 8’s display their first ever A+ rating, calling it “the most innovative  [Read More…]

How to take a screenshot on the Galaxy Note 8

Learn it now, use it forever.

Being able to take a screenshot is one of the core competencies of using a smartphone. With the Galaxy Note 8 a screenshot becomes even more crucial, with its S Pen giving you all sorts of options for marking it up. Going a step further, the phone actually gives you a few different ways to capture a screenshot, whether you want to grab a small section of the screen, the whole  [Read More…]