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Samsung: 60 percent of old Galaxy Note 7s exchanged so far

90 percent of customers choosing to stick with the device, as opposed to getting a refund or a different Samsung phone.

Samsung’s Korean HQ has given an update on the progress of its global Galaxy Note 7 recall problem, as we approach a month since the company first halted sales of the potentially explosive phone.

First, the key stats:

60% of old Note 7s have been returned in the U.S. and Korea. In Singapore, 80% of  [Read More…]

New Galaxy Note 7 sales begin October 28 in Europe

New release is almost two months after the original street date, as Samsung announces 57% of old Note 7s have been returned.

Samsung has today announced that new Galaxy Note 7 sales will recommence from October 28, after battery safety problems scuppered the original launch date of September 2. The company says the new date is “subject to a full completion of the exchange program” — so all (or at least the overwhelming majority) of old,  [Read More…]

Note 7 users faithful to device as replacements arrive

Samsung is busy offering exchanges for faulty Note 7 phones after issuing a major safety recall of faulty internal batteries. As customers continue to return these devices to retailers around the world, Samsung has given each consumer the option of replacing with another Note 7, swapping with a Galaxy S7 Edge (plus accessories), or a

Best Minimalist Cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Show off the sleek design of your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with these minimalist cases.

If you’re the type who shies away from putting a case on your phone because you don’t like all that added bulk in your pocket, then you need to consider a minimalist case. They offer protection from scratches and scuffs while keeping the overall look and feel of your phone intact.

Without further ado, let’s dive in and look at the  [Read More…]

This Galaxy Note 5 case and holster combo is just $4.95!

Worried about damaging your Galaxy Note 5 when using it out and about? If so, Amzer’s Shellster hard shell case may be a perfect option for you. The hard case will protect it while in use, and the holster will keep it safe on your hip. Right now you can score the combo for just $ 4.95.

Half of all recalled U.S. Galaxy Note 7s have been returned to Samsung

Samsung has hit a big milestone in its U.S. recall of the Galaxy Note 7, but the next group will be tougher.

Now one full week removed from the official CPSC recall of the Note 7 in the U.S., Samsung claimed in a statement sent to Android Central that “about half” of the 1 million recalled phones have been returned. That’s a large uptick from the numbers of just a week ago, which had shown that fewer than 20%  [Read More…]

This is the safe Galaxy Note 7’s new green battery icon

This is what your new Note 7 will look like after the update.

Here it is, folks. As promised, after receiving a new Galaxy Note 7 yesterday — with a battery from a different supplier — Samsung is rolling out an update to all Note 7s, pre- and post-recall, separating the haves from the have-nots.

Specifically, my Note 7, the one with the new, safer battery, has a green battery indicator in place  [Read More…]

AC roundtable: How the Note 7 recall has hurt Samsung’s brand

The AC editors sound off on the Note 7 recall, and how it has hurt Samsung’s brand.

We’re now over three weeks into Samsung’s recall of the Note 7 due to serious concerns over faulty batteries. 1 million phones in the U.S. alone were recalled, and some 2.5 million worldwide had to be replaced. While the day-to-day news of exploding phones has settled down a bit, Samsung now has to deal with the lasting effect this  [Read More…]

Evening brief: Between a Note and a hard place

Software updates, hardware recalls, and Allo’s essential features!

Earlier today, I spoke to Samsung Canada’s COO about the Note 7 recall, and he told me the same thing I’ve heard the company’s executives say in every market: Samsung dealt with the recall properly, quickly, and safely. And that it is sorry.

The question of whether this is going to have lingering negative effects on the Samsung brand isn’t in question: it’s for how long, and how  [Read More…]

Samsung going to great lengths to force return of recalled Note 7s

Samsung is taking unprecedented steps to convince customers to return recalled Galaxy Note 7s.

“Most Canadians are extremely supportive of how we’ve handled things,” says Paul Brannen, COO and Executive Vice President of Samsung Canada, in a Toronto board room.

He’s talking with reporters in 15-minute sessions, hoping to quickly cut to the essential truth of the issue: Samsung Canada has handled the Galaxy Note 7 recall better than any other region. He conveys this without  [Read More…]