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Purchasing a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 today? Look here first for the best deals

The Korean smartphone giant unveiled the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 earlier this month, to much fanfare. As always, the Note 9 takes everything Sammy learned from the S9 and S9 Plus and crammed it into a larger-profile phablet, complete with improved S-pen.

If you want the latest and greatest from Samsung, this is the place to be – but it’ll cost you a very pretty penny.

Samsung added a few interesting features to the Note series this time around, including  [Read More…]

In Brief: Note 9, Google Coach, LG V40, and more

Join us as we sit down and discuss some of the hot tech topics out there today. This edition focuses on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 launch, press leaks for the LG V40,  Google’s rumored AI health assistant, Coach, Google Pixel 3 leaks, and the Oppo R17 Pro.

What we talked about today The Galaxy Note 9 is here but you might not like the price LG V40 renders leak revealing a notch and five cameras Google rumored to  [Read More…]

The best car mounts for your Galaxy Note 9

These are the best car mounts for your Galaxy Note 9!

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is one of the most feature-rich phones on the market. Between its S Pen, huge display, powerful internals, and more, there’s not much the thing can’t do.

When it comes time to get in the car, you’ll want to make sure your Note 9 is as safe as can be. You could just throw it in the cupholder and hope for  [Read More…]

These are the best accessories for the Galaxy Note 9

The Note 9 is already an amazing phone, but it can be even better with a few extra accessories!

If you pre-ordered a Galaxy Note 9, you’re probably getting pretty excited by now — it should be arriving in just a couple of days, after all! You’re about to get right into one of the most powerful phones on the market, complete with its new Bluetooth-enabled S Pen and massive, beautiful display.

Believe it or not, though,  [Read More…]

Top things you need to know about the Galaxy Note 9’s SD card slot

Here’s how you can make the most of your SD card slot.

One of Samsung’s pillar features is the inclusion of a microSD card slot, which has stuck around as just about every other company eschewed the expansion slot. Those that have stuck with microSD card expansion have primarily only done so on low-end phones. So the fact that the Galaxy Note 9 still has a place for removable storage is extra-rare.

Yes you can get a  [Read More…]

MrMobile: The Galaxy Note 9 is a smartphone that’s actually worth $1000

I get it, you guys: no one thinks smartphones should actually cost a thousand bucks. Motorola kicks out incredible quality on the low end with its Moto G series; the OnePlus 6 delivers a truly exceptional experience at under $ 550; and buying last year’s flagships is another smart way to save coin. Given all these options, it seems ludicrous to drop ten Benjamins for any mobile device.

But the $ 1000 phone isn’t going anywhere, folks  [Read More…]

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs. Galaxy Note 5: Should you upgrade?

It’s time to move on, but do you stay with a Note or go elsewhere?

The Galaxy Note 5 was the biggest and best Samsung had to offer in 2015, with its hardware design in particular being a massive upgrade from the Note 4. But it’s three years old now, and if you were willing to hold off from an upgrade to the Note 8 last year you’re probably really getting the itch to check out the  [Read More…]

What Galaxy Note 9 accessories are you getting?

Cases, screen protectors, skins, oh my!

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is one of the most powerful (and expensive) phones of 2018. It’s got a premium design, super-fast internals, and one of the largest and most colorful displays on the market.

On its own, the Note 9 is a stunning piece of tech. However, with the right accessories, you can make it an even better fit for your lifestyle.

Our AC forum members have been talking about  [Read More…]

First ten things to do with your Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The day has finally arrived and you just unboxed your shiny new Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Now, you’re holding one of the best phones of 2018 in your hands and wondering, what to do next? Considering how jam-packed the Note 9 is with features you might feel a little overwhelmed. Don’t worry, if you’re wondering where to start and what to do first we’ve got you covered.

Protect it

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These numbers show just how huge Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 launch event was

Think it looked big on the livestream? It was even bigger in person.

Samsung’s “Unpacked” launch events are always part product showcase and part visual spectacle. The company seems to have an internal goal of one-upping itself with every Galaxy S and Galaxy Note launch, and the Galaxy Note 9 was no exception when the company took over Barclays Center in New York. It probably looked and sounded pretty epic on the livestream, but it was a  [Read More…]