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Next-gen Moto Mods wll bring sticky notes, advanced audio to the Moto Z

With the Moto Z2 just around the corner, Motorola is working on bringing out into the world some seriously awesome, new Moto Mods. The company has invited thirteen teams including the grand winners of the Indiegogo “Transform the Smartphone Challenge” and other regional heckathons to spend time in Chicago. During this time, the teams pitched […]

You can now drag-and-drop your Keep notes into a document

Google has introduced a new way to integrate Keep with Docs. This new feature allows you to easily transfer files between the two.

Evernote has changed its mind, won’t actually read your notes

Thanks, but no thanks.

Evernote has backtracked on a controversial update to its privacy policy that would have, in the name of machine learning, allow select employees to read small portions of user content. From the company’s corporate blog:

In the coming months we will be revising our existing Privacy Policy to address our customers’ concerns, reinforce that their data remains private by default, and confirm the trust they have placed in Evernote is well founded. In addition, we  [Read More…]

How to export your notes from Evernote

I want to leave Evernote. How do I do it?

Evernote has changed its privacy policy, and people aren’t impressed. The company has added a stipulation whereby a small number of its employees may be able to access your notes in order to improve the company’s machine learning abilities for improve future features. The move comes after the company, which had been experiencing financial troubles, limited to two the number of devices able to access notes  [Read More…]

The Google Pixel review: Notes from a smaller phone

The best small Android phone you can buy.

It’s been a fun few days, what with unboxing the Pixel and trying to get to know it as quickly as possible.

And in that time, I’ve realized a few important things about the device, from its feel in the hand (great!) to the Assistant (WIP!) and everything in between. Andrew and Alex have each put their thoughts down on paper already, but since I’m the only one  [Read More…]

Google Keep update lets you pin notes

Google Keep is a minimalist note-taking app that comes with a slew of features. The app is very straightforward to use, allowing you to easily create collaborative to-do lists, voice notes, and so much more. Keep seamlessly syncs between the web client, Android and iOS apps, and there’s even a Chrome extension that lets you quickly jot down a note.

An update rolling out to the service now lets you pin notes at the top, giving you  [Read More…]

CPSC issues second Galaxy Note 7 recall — 23 new fires involving replacement Notes

It’s official — two days after Samsung canceled the phone, it’s been recalled (again) in the United States.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has issued a second recall of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, affecting both old and new replacement models. Significantly, the CPSC statement now tells us exactly how many battery fire reports have been reported in the new Note 7 with the green battery icon.

From the CPSC statement (emphasis ours):

Samsung  [Read More…]

Google Keep now creates automatic topics for searching through notes

Google Keep has received a small but useful update that makes it easier to organize your notes by topic. The app now automatically generates topics for your notes, such as food, books, or travel. So Keep might put a to-do list with the word ‘trip’ in it under the ‘travel’ section, or a recipe under ‘food’.

From Google Docs on Twitter:

#GoogleKeep organized. Search automagically created topics like books, food and quotes for  [Read More…]

Evernote makes it easy to add your Google Drive files to notes

Popular note-taking, and all-around productivity app Evernote has received a bit of a boost today with tighter Google Drive integration. Instead of simply linking to the files, the new integration allows users to easily drag and drop linked thumbnails for images and documents into their notes.

To make the whole process easier, you can also now search your Google Drive files from within Evernote. And, of course, any changes you make to the files in your  [Read More…]

Digitize your notes with the Neo smartpen N2 (Review)

With laptops and tablets becoming super portable workstations, writing stuff down with pen and paper seems to be going away. Looking around in any of my classes, I can see the majority of students are either typing things out on a laptop or tablet, some writing with a pen and paper, and some not taking notes at all.

Even with studies and teachers telling us that taking handwritten notes results in better retention than mindlessly typing out whatever our teachers  [Read More…]