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How to fix MIUI push notifications in 2019

MIUI has come a long way in the last two years. And while the interface has received a much-needed facelift and a trove of new features, it still has a few lingering issues. Push notifications continue to be a significant problem in MIUI thanks to Xiaomi’s aggressive memory management, but there is a workaround. Here’s how to fix push notifications in MIUI 10.

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You already have my money, please stay out of my notifications

Nobody should put ads in my notification screen, including Samsung and Google.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 is here, and do you know what that means? A whole bunch of people who already own Samsung products are being blasted with ads to pick one of these colorful new phones up right now. And in some places, like in my email or a commercial on Hulu, this is to be expected. But Samsung isn’t being subtle about it, and  [Read More…]

How to stop those annoying Galaxy Store notifications on Samsung phones

The notification shade is for useful information, not your terrible ads.

Having the Galaxy Store installed on your Galaxy phone alongside the Play Store isn’t ideal, but it’s the only way to update some of your phone’s core services. What isn’t necessary at all are its notifications, which can be useful sometimes but are often just promotional pushes you may not care about. You can turn off the notifications for the app entirely, though, and it only  [Read More…]

Microsoft’s Your Phone app can now manage Android notifications on your PC

The feature is now rolling out broadly to all Your Phone users.

What you need to know Microsoft’s Your Phone app for Windows 10 can now mirror your Android notifications. You’ll be able to view and manage notifications as they come in, without picking up your phone. The feature is rolling out broadly for all Your Phone users now.

After months of testing with Windows Insiders, Microsoft’s Your Phone app can now mirror notifications from your Android  [Read More…]

OnePlus accidentally sent garbled notifications to OnePlus 7 Pro users

Owners of the vanilla OnePlus 7 did not receive any such push notification.

What you need to know OnePlus 7 Pro owners started receiving garbled push notifications earlier today, causing both confusion and alarm. OnePlus has apologized for the spam notifications and confirmed that they were accidentally sent by the OxygenOS team during an internal test. The company has initiated an investigation already and will share more information soon.

Quite a few OnePlus 7 Pro owners were  [Read More…]

Not getting notifications on time on your P30 Pro? Here’s how to fix it

Huawei’s EMUI skin has come a long way in the last three years, but there are areas where it falls short. Push notifications in particular have been an issue for some time now, with EMUI’s aggressive memory management to blame. There are times when notifications from a particular app just won’t show up, or instances where all background services are disabled if the screen has been off for a few hours. Here’s how you can manually fix the  [Read More…]

Not receiving notifications on your Galaxy S10? Here’s how to fix it

The Galaxy S10 runs Android Pie, and with Android Pie comes a number of battery-optimizing features that can put apps to sleep, but those same features can cause them to not receive notifications as quickly. Here’s how to ensure that your S10 isn’t putting your most needed apps to sleep and

How to turn off battery optimization for certain apps

While you can access the battery optimization for apps individually through the app info screen, it’s much quicker  [Read More…]

How to hide Android lock screen notifications

Android has matured into a great mobile operating system over the years. It excels at a lot of things, but one of the things it does best is notifications. They are rich, interactive, and well responsive. However, there are times that you want your notifications to be a little more incognito.

What’s the Problem?

One such time when we want notifications to be a little less obvious is the lock screen. There are times you may want to be discreet. Or  [Read More…]

Get your notifications in order on your Samsung Galaxy phone in One UI

Notifications are everywhere, and not all are created equal. Some notifications are useful and some are a nuisance, but you need to master all of them. Each app has its own way of categorically sorting and showing notifications, but no longer do we have to look a million places to get them in order. Whether you want to change the way all notifications are displayed or individual notification types from a single app, here’s how to make your  [Read More…]

Reclaim your Samsung lock screen notifications after the OneUI update!

Samsung’s OneUI update brings a major visual overhaul along with Android Pie, but you may have noticed your lock screen looks a lot less helpful. By default, OneUI relegates all of your notifications to icons rather than the traditional, full notifications displayed on the lock screen previous versions used. The good news is we can get back the useful notifications you know and love, and we can tweak a few more things while we’re at it!

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