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Samsung said to start producing foldable smartphone in November

We could be looking at a launch as early as December.

For years, we’ve dreamed of the day when we can own a smartphone that’s able to fold in on itself. This would allow us to carry phones with large displays and easily carry them in our pockets when not using them, but perhaps more important, the idea of using a phone that you can fold is just plain cool.

There have been murmurings of foldable smartphones  [Read More…]

HTC’s first phone with 18:9 aspect ratio, bezel-less display coming in November

What’s the biggest trend in smartphone design this year? That’s an easy one – bezel-less displays, of course. Just look around and you’ll see what we mean. Companies like Samsung, LG, Xiaomi or Essential have turned the bezel-less display into a standard for flagship phones. But not all Android OEMs have joined the party – […]

Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus could see January 2018 unveiling, display panels ship in November

The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ have had four good months of market celebration, but the Galaxy Note 8 brings Samsung’s dual camera setup that may have some Galaxy S8 owners envious of their Galaxy Note-toting buddies. According to a new report, Galaxy Note 8 owners may have only four months to rock their new […]

Sorry folks, Verizon 128GB Pixels XLs ordered in November will ship in March

Remember we told you the 128GB Pixel XL was in high demand at Verizon? The carrier started sales of the Pixel in October 2016, but those who ordered the beefier Pixel XL model were notified their phone might not arrive until early 2017. Well it appears Verizon is still having a hard time keeping up

Use these coupons codes to save on power banks, speakers, and other mobile accessories! (November 28)

While Black Friday and Cyber Monday are a great way to save big on electronics and other items, we appreciate being able to save a couple of dollars on other days, too. To that end, we have taken to collecting and curating a list of known promotional codes for mobile gear such as chargers, cables, power

Google Home speaker available for $99 (save $30) on November 23

On the market for a connected speaker? Why not consider buying the recently unveiled Google Home. The devices hasn’t been out long but Google will be offering it with a discount on Black Friday. Starting on Wednesday, November 23 the Google Home will be available for only $ 99, down from $ 129. We don’t know how

T-Mobile’s Magenta Friday savings extended until November 22

T-Mobile’s Magenta Friday deal was originally supposed to be available this weekend between 18 and 20 November. But due to overwhelming demand, the carrier has announced it will be extending Magenta Friday through Tuesday, November 22. The original promotion allows customers to get a plan with two lines and two more added for free. If

HTC kicks off its holiday sales on November 21 with massive discounts

HTC, not one to be left out in the cold this holiday, wants your attention this coming shopping season. Indeed, we just received word of its expected sales for phones and accessories. The time is right if you’re looking for a new phone as HTC’s got some big-time discounts coming. Rather than waiting for Black

Samsung Gear S3 lands at T-Mobile November 18, it will be quite expensive

Smartwatch fans, we recently told you Samsung’s latest Gears S3 Frontier smartwatch is already up for pre-order with AT&T and BestBuy has it listed as “Coming Soon”. Well if for some reason you don’t want to do business with the two companies, then you’ll be glad to know the Gear S3 Frontier will be landing

OnePlus 3T with Snapdragon 820, Android 7.0 Nougat coming November 15

The OnePlus 3T has been rumored for quite some time now. The device is expected to be the answer to OnePlus’ AMOLED shortage problems because it uses a LCD display instead. Qualcomm already confirmed a Snapdragon 821-fueld OnePlus device was incoming and this week OnePlus itself teased fans on Twitter by saying the “Snapdragon 821