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Android distribution numbers: Everything you need to know!

Your (usually) monthly fix on the current state of Android.

About once a month, Google releases distribution numbers that outline the various Android versions and the percentage of current devices they’re running on. This data is meant for developers so they can create and update their apps according to which Android versions are the most popular, but they also give enthusiasts like us a glimpse into how quickly OEMs are adopting the latest and greatest the platform has to  [Read More…]

Android Oreo on 4% of all devices, April 2018 distribution numbers show

Android Oreo is the latest system update to Google’s OS, but its trickle-down effect is slow. New April 2018 distribution numbers place Oreo on 4.6% of all Android-powered devices.

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We benchmarked the Snapdragon 845 — here’s why none of the numbers matter

These are the numbers that run your phone.

When Qualcomm launches a new processor (ahem, “mobile platform“), we take notice. The new Snapdragon 845 will be the go-to choice in just about every high-end phone in 2018 (and even into early 2019), just like the Snapdragon 835, 821 and 820 were previously.

The nerds among us use the opportunity of a new chip release to try and quantify just how much “better” it is, in an attempt to determine  [Read More…]

Android distribution numbers show Nougat climb, Oreo make an appearance

The latest distribution numbers for Android are out, and Oreo makes its first appearance.

The monthly Android Distribution list is always fun to look at. It’s an important list for developers who need to know which software version they should target and which features it makes sense to include in their application. It’s also fun for us nerds to just appreciate how big and diverse Android really is.

The latest numbers are out, and Android 8.0 Oreo  [Read More…]

Gmail now converts addresses and phone numbers to actionable links

Gmail finally auto-converts addresses and phone numbers to links.

Google is adding a new feature to Gmail and Inbox that brings a much-needed feature to the mail clients. Starting today, addresses, emails, and phone numbers on Gmail and Inbox will be automatically converted to interactive hyperlinks.

For instance, an address link in Gmail automatically opens Google Maps, clicking on a phone number will take you to your dialer of choice on your phone, and selecting an  [Read More…]

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 gets 650k pre-orders in 5 days according to official numbers

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has defied common sense to break pre-order records despite the battery fires and global recall fiasco of last year’s Galaxy Note 7. Samsung has now released figures on how well the device is really doing.

In five days, the Note 8 got 650,000 pre-orders across 40 countries, beating the Note 7 by two and a half times in the same time period. This is a very impressive number even for Samsung, meaning that the previous recall didn’t seem to damage  [Read More…]

Nougat makes steady gains in August distribution numbers, but so does Marshmallow

Nougat is gaining momentum, but the going is slow.

The latest Android distribution numbers put Nougat adoption — including both 7.0 and 7.1 — at 13.5%, an increase of 2% from a month prior. Android 7.0 Nougat is installed on 12.3% of active Android devices, while 7.1 accounts for 1.2%.

An interesting trend over the last two months has been the rise of Marshmallow devices. After holding steady at 31.2% in both May and June, Marshmallow  [Read More…]

In 2017, what do benchmark numbers even mean??

Numbers can mean a lot of things, but not all the things.

Recently we had a look at some benchmark numbers for the Galaxy S8. Or at least we assume they are for the Galaxy S8 since it’s not really here just yet. As expected, just by existing these numbers got plenty of people talking about them.

Some conversation about benchmarks is just idle chatter. “Oh, cool! The Snapdragon calculates the “stuff” in a benchmark application about  [Read More…]

Tap Numbers: An almost too-simple Android game (review)

If you’re looking for a deep, intensive, complex gaming experience… you’ve come to the wrong review. For this is a review for Tap Numbers, a well-done but very, very simple gaming experience on your Android device. The game comes from the developer MateriUp. It’s a type of match game that is very friendly for all ages.

Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Edge model numbers leaked and they are quite unusual

Samsung all but confirmed the next-gen Galaxy Note phablet, when it announced ex-Galaxy Note7 would be able to get next year’s premium devices at half the price. Now a Tweet by serial leakster @evleaks reveals the phablet is already in the works. Following the demise of the Galaxy Note7 there were some concerns that Samsung