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Samsung to state obvious: Batteries were the main cause behind Note 7 fires

Closing the final chapter of the hottest story of 2016.

A source familiar with Samsung’s investigation into the exploding Note 7 issue says the South Korean tech giant has concluded that batteries were to blame for the spontaneous combustions that led to two recalls and the ultimate demise of the flagship device, Reuters reports. In other news, grass is green and the sky still appears to be blue.

Joking aside, this news reaffirms what everyone already already  [Read More…]

Google responds to Google Wallet hacking claim, points out the obvious

Google responds to Google Wallet hacking claim, points out the obvious

A security company announced yesterday that it has discovered a “significant vulnerability in the Google Wallet mobile phone payment system.” The company found that a Wallet PIN is susceptible to a brute  [Read More…]

Verizon makes the obvious official, confirms they will be selling the Galaxy Nexus


For months now, the Galaxy Nexus has been rumored to release on Verizon. In fact for quite some time, it was rumored to release only on Verizon. But for some strange reason, Big Red has been oddly quiet on the matter. That is until tonight when America’s largest carrier finally confirmed they will be selling Google’s first Ice Cream Sandwich device.

I’m sure by now you know all the specs by  [Read More…]

Obvious test is obvious: Glass iPhone shatters worse than plastic Galaxy S II

In an unscientific test performed by unscientific people in a less-than-sterile scientific environment, a glass-bodied phone is surprisingly found to shatter more than a plastic one. Shocking.

Via: @squaretrade More: The Earth is round