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Facebook is handy but not necessary for Oculus Quest

Best answer: Using a Facebook account with Oculus Quest is not necessary in order to play. All you need is an Oculus account.

Untethered VR: Oculus Quest ($ 399 at Oculus) For finding friends, not neccessary for VR

Facebook is handy for friends but isn’t needed for Oculus Quest . The main perk of using a Facebook account is to find your friends online. If your Facebook friend has an account, you’ll be able to find them  [Read More…]

Does the Oculus Quest need external sensors?

Best answer: You don’t need any external sensors or any additional hardware to use the Oculus Quest. Everything you need is in the box, and its sensors are built into the headset.

Standalone virtual reality: Oculus Quest ($ 399 at Amazon) Insight tracking

The Oculus Quest has an array of four wide-angle cameras built into the device. These are in lieu of any external sensors, towers, or cameras that are common among other headsets such as the  [Read More…]

Best Replacement Batteries for Oculus Quest Controllers in 2019

The Oculus Quest supports two Touch Controllers, and each of these requires a single AA battery. The Touch Controllers are the only part of the Oculus Quest that requires you to swap anything out. The headset itself charges through USB-C and there’s no need for external sensors. The Touch Controllers don’t drain a charge nearly as quickly as the headset, but you need to have a way to keep them charged. To keep your Touch Controllers up and running, you’ll  [Read More…]

How to adjust privacy settings on Oculus Quest

The Oculus Quest has arrived, delivering the next step in untethered play. However, if you don’t want everyone on the platform to be able to access when you’re playing, or who you are, you’ll want to adjust your privacy settings. This doesn’t take long, and it’s doable from right inside the Oculus app.

How to adjust privacy settings on Oculus Quest Open the Oculus app on your phone. Open the Settings menu. It’s located at the bottom right  [Read More…]

These great Oculus Quest accessories don’t cost more than $20

The Oculus Quest is here, and it’s brought an untethered VR system that includes Oculus Insight Tracking for a full room-scale experience and updated Oculus Touch controllers for intuitive input within the virtual world. The Quest isn’t exactly cheap to start out with, so you’re probably looking for some affordable accessories to go along with it. Here are some of the best we could find.

Keep Touch controllers on Energizer Rechargeable batteries

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The Quest’s Touch  [Read More…]

The Oculus Quest isn’t just for gaming — here are our favorite media apps

The Oculus Quest is an excellent device for VR gaming, but it’s also a great headset for enjoying videos and other media. Whether it’s streaming YouTube videos or watching your own videos that are stored directly on the headset, these are the best media apps for the Oculus Quest.

Watching the web YouTube VR

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YouTube has billions of views for a reason; there’s an almost unlimited amount of content. That only expands on the  [Read More…]

How to set up your Oculus Quest

Oculus Quest is the shiny new headset that has arrived, delivering awesome untethered VR experiences that anyone can enjoy. But before you can show off your Beat Saber score to friends, you’ll need to get it all set up. It will take a few minutes, but once you’re done, you’ll be ready to play.

How to set up your Oculus Quest Open the Oculus Quest Box and remove the headset. Remove the Oculus controllers from the box. Gently  [Read More…]

Hop right into these free games for the Oculus Quest

Because the Oculus Quest is a standalone headset, the total cost to get into VR is lower than many headsets that require expensive PCs or phones. But costs can add up quickly between spending at least $ 400 for the device and additional costs for any games. Luckily, there are some impressive free apps and games that you can use on your Oculus Quest.

★ Featured favorite Rec Room

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Rec Room isn’t just  [Read More…]

Oculus Quest Battery Life

Best Answer: The Oculus Quest battery should last 2–3 hours depending on usage.

Untethered VR experience: Oculus Quest (From $ 399 on Amazon) Basic VR experience: Oculus Go (From $ 199 on Amazon) Tethered or untethered?

One of the major questions in VR has been how long can standalone or wireless VR headsets run for. Since PC VR headsets have a dedicated power supply, they can run as long as you’d like. Once wireless solutions and PC-less  [Read More…]

Can you replace the battery in your Oculus Quest?

Best Answer: No, you cannot. The Oculus Quest battery should only be removed or replaced by an Oculus professional.

Untethered VR experience: Oculus Quest (From $ 399 on Amazon) Basic VR experience: Oculus Go (From $ 199 on Amazon) Repairing old batteries

A major issue with all mobile devices is having to replace the battery. Integrated batteries are not like your standard AAs where you can just swap a new one in whenever you’d like. It typically  [Read More…]