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Google’s new contract makes 2 years of Android updates mandatory for OEMs

In response to being slapped with a record-breaking fine in the EU this summer, Google is preparing a major change to its business model.

The search giant recently revealed it will start charging a licensing fee for Android device makers that want to deliver handsets pre-installed with popular Google apps like Gmail or Maps.

Now The Verge has managed to obtain a copy of the new contracts that Google will soon start implementing. The documents disclose how much the search  [Read More…]

Five Android OEMs you’ve never heard of before

Everyone knows the big players in tech, but we tend to forget the world is a lot larger than that. There’s a plethora of little-known, upstart mobile-manufacturers out there selling phones that are giving the major players a run for their money.

So for those wondering whether there’s life beyond Apple and Samsung, here’s a refreshing break from the norm. In this article, we’re going to highlight a series of Android OEMs that are making great phones but remain virtually  [Read More…]

Google’s now forcing OEMs to update devices with ‘regular’ security patches

Good move, Google.

Google I/O is always home to a lot of announcements, and while the biggest ones usually come from the opening keynote, there are little nuggets to be found throughout the smaller breakout sessions over the week.

As spotted by 9to5Google, there was one particularly interesting statement that came out of Google’s “What’s new in Android security” talk.

During it, David Kleidermacher, Android’s head of security, said the following:

We’ve also worked on building security  [Read More…]

Numerous Android OEMs discovered to be lying about security patches

Samsung, LG, and Motorola are among those at fault.

Once a month, Google updates the Android Security Bulletin and releases new monthly patches to fix vulnerabilities and bugs as soon as they pop up. It’s no secret that many OEMs are slow to update their hardware with said patches, but it’s now been discovered that some of them claim to have updated their phones when, in fact, nothing’s changed at all.

This revelation was made by Karsten  [Read More…]

We don’t need faster processors and more RAM. These hardware features are where OEMs need to focus next year

Your phone is a computer. It may be a little weird to think about your phone as the same kind of device as your laptop or desktop, but when you consider everything that our phones do now, they’re more capable than some computers from just a few years ago. They’re our most readily available portal to

Top Chinese Android OEMs that shouldn’t be ignored in 2017

The US smartphone market is a highly competitive battle ground, with top players the industry constantly striving to attract more customers than the competition. But in recent years, Chinese smartphones have started drawing more and more attention upon themselves, while household names like LG and HTC are fading quietly into the background. Products made in

Six questions for Android OEMs in 2017

2016 was a year of change in the world of Android. Gone are the days where all you had to choose from was a minor revision of the same phone with a spec bump. The trend of smaller manufacturers making great smartphones for dirt cheap that started in 2015 got a major boost in 2016

Android OEMs, this is what we’ve been wanting in smartphones!

You know, too often it looks like Android smartphone manufacturers aren’t listening to our wants (or at very least, our top priorities). We’re the ones buying the phones after all!

I guess that’s not completely fair. I mean, my wants may be different from yours. But bear with me here. As of late, leading smartphones have somewhat reached a plateau, haven’t they? We’re no longer (in large) clamoring for faster processors or more resolution. Therefore, chances are that our wants, as  [Read More…]

Google to prevent OEMs from customizing the UI on Android Wear, Auto and TV

Google is actively preventing OEM partners from adding customized elements to Android Wear, Auto and TV, according to a report over on Ars Technica. It’s no secret that Android as a mobile platform is fragmented when it comes to personalized OEM user experiences. There’s a lot left up to individual manufacturers when it comes to loading the Android smartphone with software and other pieces that add yet more functionality on top of what’s already available in  [Read More…]

Open NFC stack now available for Android 4.0, makes NFC hardware easy to use for OEMs


The good people at Inside Secure have ported over their Open NFC stack to Ice Cream Sandwich, giving OEM’s one less hurdle to jump when getting devices ready for upgrading.  The new 4.3.3 release allows almost any NFC hardware to become Android compliant by using a Hardware Abstraction Layer and special kernel module to communicate via a set of consistent APIs.  What this means to you and I is that hardware developers  [Read More…]