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T-Mobile ONE Unlimited 55+ plan discounts unlimited talk, text, and high speed data for customers 55 years or older

While most major wireless carriers offer dedicated plans for senior citizens, the options are usually limited in scope or come with caveats. Some plans don’t include much data, if at all, and others restrict the handset selection. T-Mobile’s newest rate plan, the ONE Unlimited 55+, aims to disrupt that space. Right now, there are more than […]

How to stream music from your phone in an older car

Upgrading your car stereo capabilities on the cheap.

Story time: I’ve got an older car, a 2001 VW Jetta, that still runs great but lacks some of the modern amenities that I would prefer to have in my car. Most notably, my car stereo still prominently features a cassette deck along with FM/AM radio.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure this setup was out of date back in 2001.

I’m well past using physical media for my music, so  [Read More…]

Why do new phones ship with older versions of Android?

New phones shipping with outdated versions of Android isn’t too surprising. The reasons? Release cycles, and Benjamin Franklin.

This summer, you’ll see phones sold — expensive phones — that have older versions of Android. Brand new phones that cost hundreds of dollars and are the best models available. They will be on shelves beside other brand new phones that have “old” software on them, too. And not just models that have been available for a while, but  [Read More…]

A true ‘Night Mode’ may return to older Nexus devices

Will Night Mode be returning to Nougat? Time will tell.

Nexus 6P users who were miffed to find Night Mode removed when they installed the Android 7.1 Nougat OS update might have received an optimistic hint from Google of its eventual return. Night Mode acts as a blue light filter that helps reduce eye strain when looking at your phone late at night, and can be set to turn on automatically at sundown.

Once Nexus users  [Read More…]

AirPlay support comes to older HTC flagships courtesy of HTC Connect

The HTC Connect app is set to bring one of the HTC 10’s most interesting features to the flagship’s older siblings: native AirPlay support. Through the updated HTC Connect app, which allows wireless streaming from your phone to a number of other devices, the HTC One M7, M8 and M9 will all support Apple’s AirPlay protocol.

With AirPlay support, your older HTC flagship will be able to push audio and video to other devices  [Read More…]

Chrome support ends for some older Windows and Mac platforms in April 2016

If you are still using a Windows XP or Windows Vista PC, or one with OS X 10.6, 10.7, and 10.8 for the Mac, it’s time to think about trading up. Google plans to stop supporting and offering updates for its popular Chrome browser for all those older operating systems in less than a year.

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Microsoft will end support for older Outlook.com Android app on July 31

Microsoft recently launched a new version of its Outlook email app for Android. However, with that launch comes the retirement of the older Outlook.com app. The company has been sending out emails to customers informing them that support for the older app will end on July 31.

Blinkfeed now part of HTC Sense Home on Google Play, brings themes and more to older devices

HTC has made Blinkfeed part of HTC Sense Home, which brings several features from the HTC One M9 to previous generation devices.

Some of the big new software features of the HTC One M9 are now available for older HTC devices, like the HTC One M8, thanks to HTC Sense Home. HTC Blinkfeed has been renamed to HTC Sense Home, which rolls Blinkfeed, HTC Themes, and the Sense Home widget together in one app.

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App installer exploit affects older versions of Android but isn’t as scary as it sounds

A scary-sounding exploit and scary-sounding headlines about half of Android devices being probably are more bark than bite. Again.

A new(ish) exploit has been published today by the folks at Palo Alto Networks that describes how a bug in the Android package installer could potentially infect older phones with malware. The exploit works against versions of Android older than Android 4.3 and doesn’t affect apps installed via Google Play. It’s still something that needs talked about,  [Read More…]

Smart Unlock review: Adds Lollipop’s Smart Lock to older devices

Android 5.0 Lollipop brought some key new features, one of which is called Smart Lock. But with Android 5.0 Lollipop adoption still sitting at just 3.3 percent based on the latest ‘Platform Version’ numbers from Google — the Smart Lock feature is one that many hear about but cannot actually use. The feature is actually pretty simple, not to mention convenient. First things first though, just what is Smart Lock.

Smart Lock in Lollipop allows you to  [Read More…]