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Canada’s Fido prices LG G5 at $300 on-contract, $800 outright

Canadian customers looking to pick up the LG G5 on Fido now have a price to put on the smartphone. The Canadian carrier is offering the G5 at $ 300 on-contract with the company’s Max plan, while going sans contract will cost $ 800. In between, Fido is offering the phone for $ 400 or $ 550 with its Smart and Standard plans on a two-year contract, respectively. Parent company Rogers has also priced the device at  [Read More…]

Galaxy Note Edge heads to Verizon for $399 on-contract, $799 outright

After US Cellular announced that it would be carrying the Galaxy Note Edge earlier this week, it is now Verizon’s turn to launch the handset on its network. The Galaxy Note Edge is available from Big Red for $ 399 on a new two-year contract, and $ 799 outright. If you’re looking to go with a monthly plan, prices start from $ 33.33.

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Walmart is offering the on-contract Galaxy S5 for just $79

Walmart is offering the Galaxy S5 for just $ 79 on a new two-year contract with AT&T, Sprint or Verizon, which is a $ 60 discount from the retailer’s usual selling price of $ 139. The deal is only valid in-stores, and will be offered until December 25.

Galaxy Note Edge now available in the US, on-contract pricing starts from $399

As promised, Samsung’s Galaxy Note Edge is available for purchase in the U.S. The handset is now on sale at AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile, with Verizon, and U.S. Cellular set to follow.

Sony’s Xperia Z3v launching on Verizon Oct. 23 for $199 on-contract

Today in New York City, Sony officially announced its flagship smartphone, the Xperia Z3, for the U.S. market exclusively on Verizon under the Z3v name. The Z3v marks Sony’s latest effort to break into the U.S. in a meaningful way, with availability from Verizon starting October 23rd. The Xperia Z3 boasts a 5.2-inch display and an aluminum-framed, glass-backed chassis with all of the latest internals and Sony’s now-standard waterproofing. The one difference Verizon has included is  [Read More…]

LG G Vista now available online from Verizon at $99 on-contract

It turns out early leaks of the LG G Vista were pretty much spot-on, as the device has just shown up on Verizon’s website for $ 99 on-contract. This cousin of the LG G3 looks very similar to that high-end device, but has a set of lower-end specs and price to appeal to a different set of buyers.

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Best Buy offering LG G3 for $99.99 on-contract

Best Buy is offering the LG G3 for $ 99 on-contract on Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon. The normal on-contract price for the G3 is $ 199.99. You can purchase now for Sprint and AT&T, while the Verizon G3 is available for pre-order.

RadioShack offering the Samsung Galaxy S5 for just $79 on-contract the next two weeks

As the world enters the summer months, there’s also usually a big slowdown in terms of new mobile hardware product launches. However, there are some deals to be found on current devices. One of them can be found at RadioShack which is currently running a promotion for the Samsung Galaxy S5 for the price of $ 79.

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HTC One M8 in Amber Gold just $99 on-contract from HTC’s store for one day only

If you’re one to stand out from the crowd you may be interested in the Amber Gold HTC One M8, and tomorrow it’s only going to set you back $ 99 on-contract. For 24 hours starting tonight at midnight (CST), the price of the Amber Gold color of the HTC One M8 will drop in half to $ 99 on-contract from AT&T, Sprint and Verizon via HTC’s online store. You’ll of course have to put up  [Read More…]

Phones4U to offer on-contract handset upgrades every six months

Android Central

A common issue when picking up a new smartphone on an 18 or 24-month contract is that your device will almost always be obsolete well before the end of your service agreement. This is especially true in the Android space, where manufacturers seem to be continually one-upping each other (and themselves) with new high-end devices every few months.

Independent UK retailer Phones4U has today launched a new service which could allow  [Read More…]