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Samsung’s new Android interface is called ‘One UI’

One UI will be available for the Galaxy S9 and Note 9 in January.

At the 2018 Samsung Developer Conference, one of the big announcements was a big refresh for Samsung’s custom Android interface. The Samsung Experience is gone, and in its place, we have One UI.

One of the biggest goals with One UI is to help users “focus on the task at hand.” To achieve this, One UI removes a lot of clutter from the  [Read More…]

Google Play offering discounts inspired by ‘Ready Player One’

Get savings on movies, audiobooks, and more.

Steven Speilberg’s Ready Player One is officially in theaters, and in celebration of its highly-anticipated release, Google Play is running discounts on a number of audiobooks, e-books, and movies that should help to itch your 80s nostalgia craze.

When it comes to e-books and audiobooks, Google Play is running deals on titles like Starship Troopers, Ender’s Game, A Clockwork Orange, and many others. You can browse through the entire collection  [Read More…]

Sprint is offering a “Lease One, Get One” deal on the Galaxy S9

Sprint’s deal is great for those looking for two devices with decent monthly payments and no trade-in. However you need two line of service to qualify.

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You can be in the new ‘Ready Player One’ movie without leaving your house

When real life mimics art, things get a little creepy.

Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One is one of my favorite science fiction novels of the 21st century, and director Steven Spielberg is taking the helm for the upcoming Warner Bros film. And Spielberg is currently looking for people that want to be extras — extras in the MMO world, that is.

For those that have not read Ready Player One, it is the  [Read More…]

HTC confirms ‘new HTC One’ on March 1

Not that there was any doubt, really, but HTC UK on Twitter has confirmed that we’ll see “the new HTC One” on March 1.

That phone, of course, should be the HTC One M9. We’ve seen leaks and rumors in drips and drabs over the past few weeks, some suspect, some not quite as much. (But all very much unofficial.)

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HTC’s CEO and chairwoman sing ‘We Are One’

Well then. This just popped up on HTC Taiwan’s YouTube channel — a video showing CEO Peter Chou and chairwoman Cher Wang at a company party debuting an official HTC anthem of sorts — “We Are One.”

HTC ‘One Mini 2’ name tipped for miniature M8

With the HTC One M8 on store shelves, attention is turning to other devices in the “M8” family. Aside from the supposedly plastic M8 Ace, a smaller version, similar to last year’s One Mini, has also been rumored. And today Twitter leaker @evleaks is suggesting it might come to market as the “HTC One Mini 2.”

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Get the look of the “All New HTC One” with these wallpapers and sounds

The All New HTC One will be announced in just two weeks on March 25, but that isn’t stopping leakers from spreading some love online with wallpapers and sounds from the unreleased device.

You can thank jonas2295 from XDA Developers forum for all of these wallpapers. Hit up this link if you want to go to a page to download all of them at once.

0t8i 8u9p  [Read More…]

Drew Bamford interview sheds light on HTC’s ‘all new One’ and smartwatch plans

Mobile World Congress is officially over. The show was highlighted by flagship and mid-tier Android smartphone and tablet announcements and a few interesting wearables from Samsung and Huawei. While we’ll have to wait a few months before we can actually buy any of the new gadgets unveiled this week, HTC made a point that it’s big announcement is yet to come. HTC talked about its March 25 event during its HTC Desire 816 announcement and later released a teaser video  [Read More…]