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OnePlus 5 OxygenOS 4.5.5 update brings Wi-Fi, calling + video improvements

OnePlus continues to push ahead with incremental updates for its new flagship phone.

OnePlus has today started rolling out yet another software update for the OnePlus 5. The upgrade to OxygenOS 4.5.5 takes care of a handful of remaining bugs, while making improvements to areas like Wi-Fi performance, video recording, battery life and call quality — as the official changelog shows:


Further improvements to Wi-Fi connectivity Clearer voice calling Video recording now consumes less battery Vibration  [Read More…]

OnePlus still wants you to care about the OnePlus 5’s DxOMark score

OnePlus 5’s DxOMark score is about to be revealed, but the phone maker is in a tough spot.

Back in May, before we knew what the OnePlus 5 looked like or whether its camera was a double, the company boasted of a partnership with DxOMark, a popular camera testing platform that companies like OnePlus (and HTC, Samsung, LG, and others) like to use as a way to promote their optical prowess.

Here’s what OnePlus said about the  [Read More…]

How to take, edit and share a screenshot on the OnePlus 5

Save and share with just a couple of steps.

Every company does its screenshot interface a little different, and this is one area where OnePlus deviates from the stock Android experience. Instead of simply giving you a screenshot that you can share, it now includes options to do a scrolling screenshot, edit your screenshot before sharing and more.

Here are all the tricks you need to know to take, edit and share screenshots on your OnePlus 5.

  [Read More…]

Protecting your OnePlus 5: A tempered glass screen protector is a good idea

Your choices are limited right now, but it’s worth considering a tempered glass screen protector to keep your OnePlus 5’s display in mint condition.

Tempered glass screen protectors are a great way to ensure any phone’s screen stays in great condition throughout its life span. But there are often comrpomises involved in picking one. Edge-to-edge screen protectors will generally leave a small air gap between the transparent area and the display, which can affect visibility. Clear tempered  [Read More…]

5 features the OnePlus 5 does better than other smartphones

It’s the little things that make a phone, and these sorts of things might even convince you to bring home the OnePlus 5.

Whether you’re a diehard Android subscriber or merely curious about venturing away from the rest of what everyone else is carrying in their hands, you might be wondering whether to consider the OnePlus 5 as a lofty alternative.

The phone is a worthy competitor against whatever else your mobile carrier might be offering. In  [Read More…]

OnePlus 3/3T gain new launcher, optimizations in latest Open Beta

Even if everyone’s eyes are on the newly released OnePlus 5, OnePlus is not neglecting its older flagships. The company has started rolling out the next OxygenOS Open Beta update for OnePlus 3/3T which bumps the software version to number 19 and 10 respectively. The two changelogs are quite similar, which means both phones are […]

OnePlus 3/3T get an updated launcher with dynamic icons in latest open beta

OnePlus continues to improve OxygenOS with a host of new feature additions.

The OxygenOS open beta 10 is now rolling out to the OnePlus 3T (open beta 19 for the OnePlus 3), offering a slew of new features. The OnePlus Launcher has picked up an update to version 2.1, adding support for dynamic icons for the weather and calendar apps, along with controls for home screen grid and custom customizations. The app drawer now stores a history of your  [Read More…]

OnePlus 5 vs. Xiaomi Mi 6: Good just doesn’t cut it anymore

The OnePlus 5 is good, but the Mi 6 is better.

It’s getting harder to justify spending over $ 700 on a phone — even on a device as good as the Galaxy S8 — when there are alternatives like the OnePlus 5 available that offer 90% of the features for under $ 500. Then there’s the Xiaomi Mi 6, which manages to undercut the OnePlus 5 while offering similar specs.

Both OnePlus and Xiaomi stepped up  [Read More…]

Are you seeing the ‘jelly scrolling’ effect on your OnePlus 5?

People always hone in on something with each new phone.

Now that we’re past the initial launch and fascination with the OnePlus 5, and many people have them in their hands, we’re all starting to focus in on the finer points of how the phone operates. Throughout multiple launch-day OTAs, and talk about the cameras, one thing has cropped up consistently: so-called “jelly scrolling.”

The effect refers to how the screen is responding to touch when scrolling.  [Read More…]

OnePlus is once again misleading customers in India

A phone that went on sale three days ago cannot be the “highest-grossing phone ever.”

The OnePlus 5 went on sale in India and other global markets earlier this week, and the brand promptly announced two days after sales kicked off that the device was the highest-grossing phone on Amazon India during a launch week.

As a result, Amazon announced that it was extending its SBI cashback offer — which sees SBI credit and debit card holders receiving a  [Read More…]