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OnePlus announces new accessories for your OnePlus One

So while you may not be able to get your hands on a OnePlus One smartphone just yet due to tight supplies, the company is now showing off a line of branded accessories if you’re interested. Unveiled on the OnePlus blog, the OnePlus One accessories will come in a variety of colors and are designed to complement your smartphone. Pricing still is not yet announced, but hopefully the company will make the accessories just as equally  [Read More…]

OnePlus One invites are coming soon


The OnePlus One is an exciting new smartphone that offers the latest hardware at even better prices.  Pricing is based upon storage, like all devices, ranging from $ 299- $ 349 (16/64GB).  Sound too good to be true? Well it is true, but their is one caveat, availability.

AndroidGuys reported earlier this month that invites will be shooting out mid to late May and as of  [Read More…]

OnePlus One forum members getting a crack at purchase invites

Although we’ve already got some hands-on time with the OnePlus One under our belt, there’s a good many folks out there interested in the device still waiting for even just an invite to purchase one. The company is well aware of that and is still sticking to their plans to have invites out soon however, they’ve now added an additional potential way to obtain one. As noted on their blog, they have two contests planned but  [Read More…]

The OnePlus One is so cheap because they’re being sold at cost

OnePlus CEO Peter Lau had confessed how they’ve been able to bring high-end features with Nexus-like pricing in the OnePlus One smartphone. According to Lau, the company is able to offer its flagship OnePlus One at an affordable price because they are doing so “at cost.”

Your top OnePlus One questions answered

Coming around on a week since getting our hands on a OnePlus One, we’ve been deep in the forums answering your questions about the latest CyanogenMod device. We’re seven pages into the discussion right now, and while there have been a lot of unique questions, some of the same big questions are being asked.

In order to give some deeper thoughts on each of the big questions, we’ve rounded them up and condensed down to eight  [Read More…]

OnePlus shuffles productions scheudle, brings 64GB version forward in favor of 16GB

The production schedule of the OnePlus One has been shuffled around to accommodate apparently booming demand. 16 GB white models are being pushed back in favor of 64 GB black Ones. They’re still expected to ship out late May to early June.

We have a OnePlus One, you have questions – ask us in the forums!

The ever-hyped and just-announced OnePlus One is finally making its way into the wild, and we finally have our hands on the device to spend some quality time with it. We’ve given our initial impressions after just receiving it, but there’s no way we can cover every question you have with just one post. To hopefully answer even more of your questions, we’ve opened up a thread in the forums where you can ask all of  [Read More…]

OnePlus revises their ‘smash’ contest to allow winners to donate perfectly good phones to charity instead

OnePlus’s “smash” contest has drawn to a close, with 140,000 entrants to be winnowed down to 100 winners tomorrow — but they might not have to smash their phone after all. Responding to criticism about the campaign, OnePlus has revised the contest to state that in order to qualify for the $ 1 OnePlus One, winners will have the choice of smashing their old phone, or donating it to the Medic Mobile charity.

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OnePlus One general availability slated for mid-to-late June

The much anticipated OnePlus One will see general availability in mid-to-late June according to a post in its official forums. The initial batch of phones will be allocated to folks who enter the phone smashing contest and to folks who get invited to buy, with the 16GB white version being first available.

OnePlus One phone available to the masses this June

oneplus one

OnePlus, a subsidy of Chinese phone maker Oppo, has published a statement that the highly anticipated One unlocked phone will become generally available to the public this June. In the oneplus.net forums, OnePlus has stated:

“When we started OnePlus, one of the first things we announced was that our product would be available internationally in Q2 2014. We’re well on track of achieving that….”,

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