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OnePlus to finally unveil its CyanogenMod-powered smartphone next month

one_plus_boxToday in New York City, HTC is finally “officially” unwrapping its “All New One” for the world to see, but that isn’t stopping newcomer OnePlus from trying to steal some of the Taiwanese company’s thunder by announcing its own upcoming smartphone unveiling.

With all leaks and teases aside, the OnePlus One will be officially unveiled April 23.

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OnePlus settles on April 23 for its #neversettle smartphone

The OnePlus One has been trying to work the Android crowd into a frenzy with its promise of being a #neversettle device. Gradually more and more about the device has been revealed and now so has the actual date for the grand unveiling.


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OnePlus introduces StyleSwap Covers for the upcoming One

Yet again, OnePlus is releasing another little detail on its upcoming One smartphone.  However, recent announcements have mainly dealt with hardware specs, battery, and the screen, this announcement deals with aesthetics.

The One will have “StyleSwap” covers, which will allow the user to customize the look of  their device.  The only picture we have is from OnePlus’ forum, as seen above, which seems to have a silk, sandstone, denim, bamboo, and kevlar options.  OnePlus is really pushing their “Never Settle” campaign,  [Read More…]

Android and Me podcast 015: so there’s this all new HTC OnePlus One rumor…

Rumor articles are always fun to write about, but we get even more excited when we talk about them. This week’s episode of the Android and Me podcast covers nearly a dozen rumors and leaks of the OnePlus One and all new HTC One. During the podcast, we also cover the Nexus 5 always listening hack, the latest Chromecast sales figures and KitKat updates for Samsung devices.

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OnePlus continues its trollout, will sport a 3,100 mAh fixed battery

OnePlus — maker of the CyanogenMod-based “OnePlus One” smartphone that promises that it (and therefore you) should “never settle” — today continued its long, slow tease of its upcoming Android smartphone. The latest feature is the battery, which we now know will be a 3,100 mAh fixed cell. As in not removable. 

Writes OnePlus:

The battery was another big decision for us. Our foremost concern was implementing a battery that would last long enough for a full day of  [Read More…]