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OnePlus One explains why full production is delayed


The OnePlus One showed up on the scene as one of the most anticipated Android devices of the new year. But, due to its low costs and high specs its popularity quickly decreased due to their invite system. This has caused outrage from the public and many former followers of OnePlus have turned against the newly formed company and ridicule its use of contests and invite system. Their  [Read More…]

OnePlus One delayed yet again for Europe due to incorrect certification mark

The OnePlus One has been delayed and delayed again, feeling so close yet so far, especially if you reside in Europe. It has now come to light that European deliveries of the OnePlus One have been put on hold as the team behind the flagship killer mistakenly altered the CE logo (EU equivalent to the FCC mark in the US), which is a mandatory certification mark for products sold within the EU. OnePlus One units have  [Read More…]

iFixit tears down OnePlus One, not the simplest to repair


You’ve got to love iFixit who always takes a new device whenever it’s released and tears it down part by part, giving a score on its repairability.

The new OnePlus One, currently only available by invite, was just given the iFixit teardown treatment and was given a score of 5 out of 10, with 10 being the easiest to repair.

While the One was praised for  [Read More…]

Free OnePlus One plus 2500 invites up in ‘Storm of Invites’ giveaway

There are traditional ways to launch a phone, and then there’s the OnePlus way. The launch of the OnePlus One has been anything but conventional, with a metered invitation systemm set up to order phones as they become available instead of pre-ordering and then waiting like a schlub. But if you don’t want to wait for an invite, OnePlus is offering the opportunity to engage in some marketing of your own for a chance to get  [Read More…]

OnePlus outlines rollout plans, pre-orders by Q3


Over at its forum this morning, OnePlus outlined its plans for the next couple months of the rollout if its “flagship killer,” the One smartphone, which includes pre-orders possibly coming in Q3.

The startup said there’s a lot of confusion around the goals of its invite system, which means “we haven’t done our best to communicate this,” but they’ve also noticed that once someone gets an invite,  [Read More…]

Skip waiting for invites and purchase the OnePlus One at Oppomart for $389

While many are still waiting for OnePlus to hand out enough invitations for its debut Android flagship, the One, Oppomart has confirmed on its website the retailer has units in stock for purchase. We recently reviewed the “flagship killer”, which sports impressive hardware at an affordable price, something other manufacturers fail to do for consumers. Oppomart has the 16GB OnePlus One listed for $ 389.

There is a catch, however.

  [Read More…]

Get features from the OnePlus One and CyanogenMod 11S on your device


It may be hard to come across an invite to buy the OnePlus One featuring the special edition CyanogenMod ROM, CM11S, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get some of the best features now.

The source code for the device has been released and a system dump has showed up online, so you can try out many  [Read More…]

OnePlus One release date pushed back due to OpenSSL vulnerability patch

OnePlus has again delayed its upcoming debut flagship Android smartphone, the One. The company confirmed in an email sent out to early adopters, who await their promised invites, that the device will be delayed due to a last minute CyanogenMOD software update. A Member of the CyanogenMOD team took to Reddit yesterday to clarify that this software update was to ensure the Heartbleed OpenSSL vulnerability has been patched prior to shipping.

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OnePlus One kernel source now available for download

If you’re among those who enjoy digging around the inner workings of things then you’ll be pleased to know the Cyanogen Inc. has updated the CyanogenMod Github account with the kernel source files for the OnePlus One.

Watch our OnePlus One video review and relive all of our coverage

We reviewed two seriously big (figuratively and literally) phones this week, with the first out of the gate being the OnePlus One. After spending quality time with the device, going through software updates and putting several thousand words down for our full review, we’re proud to say we have a pretty comprehensive look at the device available.

Hit the break to see all of our OnePlus One coverage, including our review, discussion happening in the forums and some  [Read More…]