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Huawei VR2 aims to be the one-stop headset for phone and PC virtual reality

Huawei is taking another swing at virtual reality, both in viewing and creation.

Huawei’s VR2 headset was unveiled officially in late 2017, but CES 2018 served as a Western debut and the first chance for most people to get their eyes and hands on one. This is Huawei’s second take on virtual reality, and it comes in partnership with IMAX (perhaps you’ve heard of that) instead of Google — yes, this VR headset doesn’t run Daydream.

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The new Google Store is your one-stop web shop for Chromebooks, Nexus devices and more

Google has just launched a dedicated website, the Google Store, where the company will sell all of its hardware products, including Chromebooks, Nexus smartphones and tablets and more.

The new storefront comes at the same time Google is launching a new version of its high-end Chromebook Pixel. The new Pixel is available from the Google Store, along with Nexus devices, Android Wear smartwatches, the Chromecast TV adapter, and the Nest thermostat.

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NPR One is the one-stop shop for public radio on Android

When it comes to public radio on your phone, your search might just get to end with the new NPR One app. Released today into the Google Play Store, NPR One pulls together public radio stations from across the United States and works to automatically curate stories you’ll want to listen to. It is, as NPR notes, “public radio made personal.”

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