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Adding an OnHub router to your Google Wifi network

Your Google OnHub is now a bigger Google Wifi node.

Google Wifi is a great product. It’s easy to setup and easy to make any adjustments or additions to the wireless network in your house. But it’s not the first Wi-Fi router from Google. That’d be the OnHub.

Many were worried that the OnHub would be abandoned when news of Google Wifi was revealed. With good reason — the OnHub is a great product, and we’ve seen  [Read More…]

You can grab a $94 discount on the ASUS OnHub router today!

Grab one before the great rebranding!

Google’s efforts in connecting your home have been going a little slower than many had hoped. Announcements for Weave, Brillo, and OnHub made it seem like Google was ready to tie your home together in short order and have you ready to connect your home to your phone, but reality hasn’t quite caught up yet. We’re now seeing Google transition from OnHub to Google WiFi, with some new hardware to  [Read More…]

Save $70 on the ASUS OnHub router for a limited time!

Amazon is offering a $ 70 savings on the ASUS OnHub router for a limited time, bringing the price down to just $ 130. If you’ve been eyeing this router, you won’t want to wait long to place your order since this deal is only good for today, September 7.

Using the Google On app, you can easily set this router up right from your phone, and its high-performance internal antennas will make sure that you have a wide range  [Read More…]

Google’s OnHub celebrates first birthday with Philips Hue integration and $20 off through September

We’ve always thought that Google’s OnHub routers were some of the best products in their class, but we’ve also been waiting to see something done with the low-energy radios that they shipped with. From our initial review in January 2016:

With built-in support for IEEE 802.15.4, Low-energy Bluetooth Smart and Weave, OnHub will be able to connect to new products like door locks, cameras, automated sprinklers, vacuum cleaners and more directly. This opens up plenty of possibility for Google in  [Read More…]

Google OnHub: A second opinion

Google’s OnHub router saved my marriage.

The importance of simplicity cannot be overstated. It’s the reason GUI-based Windows 95 was exponentially more popular than command line-based DOS, and why the confusion of early PDA operating systems were subsumed by the confluence of capacitive screens and apps.

In the smart home space, a similar trend has been taking hold, popularized by the powerful simplification of the thermostat through Nest. The home router, too, has been awaiting a  [Read More…]

Google OnHub gets a home automation boost with IFTTT integration

If you own one of Google’s OnHub routers, you’ll now be able to leverage If This, Then That (IFTTT) to program some cool automated tasks. After updating to the latest firmware, you’ll be able to take advantage of IFTTT’s recipes to craft all manner of automated tasks that are triggered by devices connecting to or disconnecting from the OnHub router.

Options for recipes are only really limited to your imagination, but you’ll be able to trigger interactions with a  [Read More…]

Google OnHub, three months later

Fast and reliable network speeds make the OnHub router great. The ease of use makes it worth the price tag.

Android Central Choice Award

I’ve been enjoying a Google OnHub router — the ASUS SRT-AC1900 model — for about three months now. And I’m not alone when it comes to the enjoying part. While it probably isn’t one of the highest-selling routers out there (thanks in part to the hefty  [Read More…]

Google OnHub routers get speed history, automatic band steering

Google’s OnHub routers are a wonderful improvement over the complicated, bug-prone routers we’re all used to. But they’re also limited, missing features that other high-end routers offer. Thankfully, Google often updates the OnHub routers and corresponding app with new features.

The latest update brings a history of your internet speeds. The router tests your speeds every few days and will now give you an average speed over 60 days, and you can see the individual test results if you’d like. It’s  [Read More…]

Google OnHub routers are getting a guest Wifi mode

Google’s OnHub routers (there are two models as you’ll recall from our review) are simple devices that were lacking one pretty major feature at launch — guest networks. That’s about to change with a new firmware update on the routers themselves, and the companion apps that go along with them.

First you’ll need the updated version of the Google On app, available now. You’ll also need updated firmware on the router itself — version 7647.72.0 and up. (We’re  [Read More…]

Google OnHub review: It just works

Google’s take on the Wi-Fi router is straightforward, but it might not be for power users.

Google’s OnHub routers look good, perform well and are easy to set up. While Google tends to overcomplicate a lot of what it does, it really did nail things with OnHub. Anyone can get it set up and running and never once have to read a help file.

For most people, OnHub would be perfect. Get it going, maybe with  [Read More…]