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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 review: A second opinion

In a post-Galaxy S8 world, the Note 8 is safe, predictable and arguably overpriced. But it’s still one of the very best Android phones you can buy right now.

Until recently, the last Galaxy Note I could actually buy in the UK was a model released almost three years ago. 2015’s Note 5 never reached European shores, and the Note 7 was canned just before the official Euro release could begin. It’s been a rough couple of  [Read More…]

Moto Z2 Force, a second opinion: Just not enough

Motorola had one shot at the high-end market in 2017.

By all accounts, Motorola hasn’t exactly taken the high-end smartphone market by storm with its new Moto Z2 Force. Its lukewarm response is partly due to the fact that the competition is so good this year, but primarily due to Motorola’s handful of odd decisions that dull the experience of what is mostly a great phone.

I’ve been using the Moto Z2 Force as my only phone  [Read More…]

OnePlus 5 review: A second opinion

OnePlus’s latest is the fastest phone out there right now. And despite some reservations around its highly finicky camera setup, it’s hard not to recommend for the price.

Contrary to its marketing mantra, picking up a OnePlus phone has always involved “settling” in some way or other. When the very highest of the high-end sell for almost twice the price of the company’s latest, something’s got to give.

What’s more important is the question of whether the  [Read More…]

HTC U11 review: A second opinion

HTC’s 2017 flagship is an excellent handset that sets the tone for the future of HTC’s smartphone business.

When you can pick up a pretty good smartphone for around $ 400, why would you cough up the extra 250 bucks for an HTC flagship? That question has been central to the Taiwanese manufacturer’s decline over the past couple of years. The company would target the likes of Apple and Samsung, miss, and get trounced by OnePlus, Huawei,  [Read More…]

You can now use Google Opinion Rewards to score Play Store credit in India, Singapore, and Turkey

Get Play Store credit by taking part in surveys.

Google Opinion Rewards is now live in India, Singapore, and Turkey, allowing customers from these markets to participate in surveys to get Play Store credit.

In the U.S., customers get up to $ 1 in credit for a survey, and in India the payout starts from ₹10. That’s what I received for the survey I completed, but the figure should change based on the survey.

The launch  [Read More…]

Samsung Galaxy S8, a second opinion

Samsung continues to make a phone that appeals to a massive number of people, but it comes at a small cost of frustration.

The Galaxy S7 was easily my favorite phone of 2017 until the Google Pixel XL took its place in my pocket, and just as is the case for millions of consumers out there I couldn’t resist the call of the Galaxy S8. It’s a stunningly gorgeous phone to both look at and hold, while  [Read More…]

Google Wifi UK review: A second opinion

Google Wifi is simple, friendly, and most important of all, just works.

A wireless router is not what you’d call an exciting product. When you buy a new one, generally it’s a “distress purchase” — you part with your money because your old one broke and a replacement is a necessity. Like most of us, if my Wi-Fi works pretty well, or even adequately, I’m not about to rock the boat.

Routers as a product category also  [Read More…]

HTC U Ultra second opinion: U expect more

HTC’s first phablet in years is a perfectly fine phone that feels a little half-baked in places — and for $ 750… well, you expect more.

Five or six years ago, HTC was a titan of the smartphone world. But the past half-decade hasn’t been kind to the Taiwanese company. It’s lost money, market share and several high-profile designers and executives.

Nevertheless, HTC’s still here, and still making pretty good phones, both under its own brand name  [Read More…]

LG G6 second opinion: This one’s the best

LG G6 is an exceptionally solid flagship device from South Korea’s other smartphone maker.

What makes a decent flagship smartphone? Is it the look of its hardware, the size of its bezels, or the specifications under the hood? Or is it simply that it’s a balanced merger of all these things — a conservative cornucopia of smartphone features you’d be most likely to use and capabilities you won’t realize you’ve ever lived without.

LG hasn’t exactly struck  [Read More…]

Google Pixel review: Jerry’s opinion

Not enough words have been written about the Google Pixel. At least not by me

The Pixel is one of the phones on a very short list of candidates for a place in my pocket and I’ve taken my time to decide how much I love or hate it after relying on it for a little while. We don’t always get that luxury and each of us has based an opinion too early on something because  [Read More…]