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Name your price! 8-part productivity, security, and optimization PC software

Score up to eight programs for your computer for as much as you’re willing to spend. Worth nearly $ 300, it can be yours for whatever you decide. $ 50? $ 25? $ 20? You pick. The Ashampoo bundle features productivity, security, optimization, and operational titles.

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Power PC Systems Optimization Bundle finely tunes your computer for just $19.99

Our Deal of the Day is a two-part software package that will get your computer back on the right track. Clean up files, protect yourself from viruses and malware, and safely updating drivers.

UMi Plus’ Android N optimization continues as second beta rolls out to testers

Some weeks ago, we received the news that UMi was going to start a beta test program for the Android N release on the UMi Plus. The goal, of course, was to collect the most feedback possible from the community. Ideally, UMi wants to better understand what users would like to see in the next major update and

Three tablet optimization tips for modern bloggers

When we think of “mobile optimization,” many of us naturally think of a crowded room full of users tapping away at their smartphones. However, modern bloggers and designers should take the booming tablet market into consideration when it comes to optimizing their sites. Tablets already represent a huge chunk of the mobile marketplace and are

The problem and future of App Store Optimization

Whenever you go to the Play Store (or App Store, or Windows Store, or whatever store you use) and search for something, the store goes though multiple algorithms to determine exactly what apps to show you, and it does it so fast, you don’t even know it’s happening. But when you stop to think about it, what exactly are those algorithms searching for when they are looking for your perfect app?

I recently got the chance to talk to Gareth  [Read More…]

Nusiki: A new music social network that needs more optimization (app review)

Nusiki is a new music social network, with functionality similar to Facebook and Twitter. We’ve seen this before with the likes of Last.fm and MySpace that have been around for years.

In this review, let’s find out if Nusiki’s features are enough to make you consider switching.


Because it’s a social network, the app requires you to create an account in order to use it after you download and install it from Google Play.

This is quite simple, however. You  [Read More…]

Dropbox update preview showing off its ICS optimization

Android Central

The guys over at Dropbox have slipped a preview of a forthcoming update to their Android application out into their forums, complete with optimization for Ice Cream Sandwich.

Besides looking pretty sweet on ICS, there are also a couple of other nice additions that are forthcoming with this release. These include single tap access to all file and folder actions, ability to favourite files for quick offline access, and bulk  [Read More…]

Google Docs gets tablet optimization, except for editor


Google Docs is one of Android users’ best friends, especially for those who like to work in the cloud. Viewing and editing documents from multiple platforms and devices is indeed convenient. But in the midst of the Honeycomb explosion, this app did not receive a tablet-optimized UI.

Thankfully, this issue has been fixed. Google Docs just received an update that comes with a tablet-friendly ecosystem. The new Google Docs update allows  [Read More…]