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You can order a OnePlus 5 right now using this code, no invite required

Supply is extremely limited, so you have to act fast.

OnePlus isn’t completely opening up sales of the OnePlus 5 until June 27, but if you were watching the launch event (or are reading this article) you’ll know that OnePlus has decided to open up an early order page where fans can be the first to get their OnePlus 5 before the official launch date. Outside of those who go to a pop-up shop in the next few days,  [Read More…]

Trump’s executive order on immigration forces Google to recall staff back to the U.S.

Memo from CEO Sundar Pichai says over 100 employees are affected by Friday’s presidential order.

Google’s Sundar Pichai has sent a memo to all staff working overseas — get back home now.

This is in response to an Executive Order signed Friday by U.S. president Trump denying entry into the U.S. for people from seven Muslim countries. A copy of this memo was given to Bloomberg and in it, Pichai states over 100 employees are affected and  [Read More…]

OnePlus is trying this new thing where it ships as soon as you order!

No more waiting for your OnePlus 3T to ship.

Shipping in volume is hard. It’s actually one of the most complicated and expensive parts of making a physical object you want to sell to people. Many larger companies around the world make it look fairly easy, where you can just press the order button and the phone is in a box with a shipping label within hours, but it only works for those companies after years of  [Read More…]

Order a ride share straight from Google Maps! [How-To]

Last week, Google gave me another reason to never download another map or direction app, they integrated ordering an Uber or Lyft directly into the Google Maps interface and, you guessed it, we are here to show you how to use it. Prerequisites: I know, no fluff this time. I’m so excited about this addition

Google Home can now order you pizza (and do other, lesser things)

More than 30 organizations — including Domino’s Pizza, WebMD and Tripadvisor — bring new functionality to Google’s smart speaker.

Hot on the heels of its latest feature expansion, which brought Netflix and Google Photos integration, Google Home can now order you pizza.

OK, that’s not all it can do. VentureBeat reports that more than 30 organizations, both big and small, have today launched new actions for Google Home. In addition to sending pies directly to  [Read More…]

South Floridians will soon be able to order McDonalds via UberEATS

Ever wanted a Big Mac without the hassle of leaving the house? Good news! Your dream may soon be a reality.

UBEREats will soon deliver McDonald’s from 200 franchises around Tampa, Miami, and Orlando as part of a pilot program by the fast food chain. Once a customer orders off the menu in the UBEREats app, they can track their order just as they would an approaching Uber ride.

While a program like this is  [Read More…]

Daydream View now up for order from the Google Store, expected to go fast

The future of Google’s VR efforts is now on sale.

If you have a new Pixel on the way and are ready to step up your VR game from Google Cardboard, you should head to the Google Store right now to buy a Daydream View headset. For just $ 79 you’re getting a comfy and simple VR headset that includes a single-handed controller for manipulating the interface and playing games. All it needs is a compatible Daydream phone, which  [Read More…]

Amazon launches its Dash grocery scanner in the UK to help you order stuff

Amazon has launched its Dash grocery scanner in the UK to help consumers quickly and conveniently add items to their basket for easy checkout by scanning barcodes. Once the items have been added, all that’s required is to complete the checkout process on a PC or using one of the official Amazon mobile apps.

As noted in Engadget’s report, should two Amazon Fresh orders be completed before August 28, the Dash can be delivered for free.  [Read More…]

Here’s where you can order the 2016 Sony Android smartphones

Back in March, Sony announced its full lineup of Android smartphones for 2016. The releases are rolling out with some of the phones available now, and some up for pre-order with imminent releases. Here’s a breakdown of each phone with links to your favorite retailers to pick up the Sony Androids you can get in

War and Order: Moving timers in the right direction (Review)

Overview In this exciting civilization builder, you will raise your empire with an army of orcs, elves, and more, in the quest to have the largest empire. Developer: Camel Games Cost: Free (with in-app purchases) Review War and Order is a game that honestly made me forget to check Facebook. I found it to be