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Google Maps picks up speed limits and radar locations in over 40 countries

Google Maps users can now access one of Waze’s best features.

What you need to know Google Maps now shows locations of speed cameras and speed limits. The feature was in limited testing in the U.S., but is now rolling out to 40 countries. If all of this sounds familiar, it’s because Waze already offers a similar feature.

Google Maps is picking up a feature from Waze that lets users view speed limits, locations of speed cameras  [Read More…]

Microsoft’s Your Phone app can now sync over mobile data

No Wi-Fi needed.

What you need to know The Your Phone app for Windows 10 can now sync texts, photos, and notifications over mobile data. It’s no longer necessary to connect to Wi-Fi to sync the Your Phone Companion app with your PC. Your Phone Companion also has a new icon, taking design cues from Microsoft’s new Office icons.

Microsoft this week pushed out a major update to the Your Phone Companion app for Android, adding the  [Read More…]

How to cancel your Crave subscription now that Game of Thrones is over

The series finale of Game of Thrones is upon us! For many Canadians, you may have subscribed to Crave with the HBO add-on exclusively to watch the final season live, but once the show is over you may have no desire to keep that subscription active. With Crave subscriptions set for auto-renewals, you’ll want to cancel your subscription before your credit card is charged for another month.

The process is pretty simple and must be done by logging  [Read More…]

Pie is now on over 10% of Android devices

The Android Distribution Dashboard has been quiet since October of last year, but Google’s announcing today that it’s bringing it back — with a few caveats.

First, the good news: thanks to Treble, the enterprise that makes it easier and faster for manufacturers to update their phones, Android Pie is on 10.4% of Android devices in the same time it took Oreo to reach just 4.5%. While 10% of users may not seem like a lot nine months  [Read More…]

Riot Games employees may walk out today in protest over forced arbitration

This will be one of the first major studio walkouts in the games industry.

Riot Games has found itself in hot water lately over harassment and sexism concerns within the studio, and now it looks like employees are preparing to walk out today in protest over Riot’s forced arbitration policies, which prevents employees from filing lawsuits against the developer.

Speaking with Kotaku, one current Riot employee hopes that this walkout will force leadership to listen to their  [Read More…]

Withings Move is worth it over the Garmin Vivomove Sport. Here’s why

Smartwatches. They’re just about everywhere you look these days, making it difficult to understand what’s all out there and which ones are worth your money. We do our research when it comes to wearables to help you decide which ones are worth the money.

Our choice Withings Move

$ 70 at Amazon

Pros 18-month battery life Connected GPS 50m water resistance Lightweight Clean, modern companion app Cons More expensive No heart-rate sensor

The Withings Move  [Read More…]

India’s oldest record label takes Spotify to court over licensing rights

Spotify agrees to remove Saregama’s catalog of 120,000 songs from its platform.

Spotify made its long-awaited debut in India earlier this year, with monthly plans starting off at just ₹119 ($ 1.70). The launch went through in spite of litigation from Warner Music, which prevented Spotify from streaming the record label’s vast catalog of songs in the country.

In what must feel like déjà vu for the streaming service, it is now facing another injunction, this time  [Read More…]

The wait is over – YouTube is coming back to Amazon Fire TV

Deal includes Fire TV and Prime Video, but the Echo Show won’t support YouTube yet.

The wait is over! Almost two years after Google and Amazon kicked off a war of attrition, the two companies have finally reached an agreement. Announced this morning, the deal means that YouTube is coming back to Amazon’s Fire TV devices, while the Prime Video app will add support for casting to Chromecast, and become available on more Android TVs. They say  [Read More…]

Save over 60% on ZeroLemon’s 22800mAh portable battery with two USB ports

Charge at home or on-the-go with this handheld battery charger.

If you find yourself on the go a lot, you may benefit from having a portable battery pack with you at all times. Right now, you can pick up the ZeroLemon 22800mAh battery for just $ 19.99 when you use coupon code UK3VYGML during checkout. It’s currently listed for $ 50 and can be found for around $ 40 while on sale normally. This sale makes it half the  [Read More…]

Hunching over your phone is wrecking your spine

Little things add up, like hunching over your phone for an hour in the waiting room.

The next time you’re out in public, I want you to take a nice long look around. Look at cliques congregating at the food court, at the coffee addicts waiting around Starbucks, look at the families in the park or grocery store or restaurant. You’re bound to see the tops of a lot of heads as people look down — or  [Read More…]