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Google Pixel 3 XL and its retail packaging appear in more leaked photos

We’ve seen an awful lot of the Google Pixel 3 XL in recent months, but let’s be honest: Do you ever get tired of seeing new flagship smartphones before they’re announced? Yeah, us neither.

The Google Pixel 3 XL has appeared in several new leaks today, including unboxing photos and some hands-on images. The Pixel 3 XL won’t be announced until next week, but some people already have their hands on Google’s next flagship and have even given it the  [Read More…]

Samsung Galaxy S9 packaging leaks showing off some specs

Samsung has already confirmed it will be showing off the Galaxy S9 in February at Mobile World Congress next month and we may have just seen a sneak peak of the retail packaging. That might not sound extremely exciting and on its own, it’s not. Samsung retail packaging often lists the specifications of the device […]

Google starts using more secure packaging for trade-in program

Who’d of thought cardboard was better than a plastic sleeve?

Leading up to the launch of the Pixel 2, Google started a trade-in program to help drastically lower the cost of its shiny, new phone. Quotes for the trade-in program are more than reasonable, but it hasn’t been without its fair share of hiccups. One of the main complaints we’ve heard is that the trade-in kit Google sends out is pretty flimsy, but it looks like this is now  [Read More…]

The ivargo phone’s packaging is set to impress

It’s not so much packaging, really, as a big old Pelikan case.

We’re hanging out at CE China this week, a new event hosted by IFA, and since it’s Asia focused we’re seeing a bunch of stuff that we might not normally come across in Europe or North America. One of those things is the ivargo and its pretty epic box.

This likely isn’t the retail packaging, just as with the fancy Nextbit Robin box we  [Read More…]

Alcatel OneTouch Idol 4S packaging allegedly doubles up as a VR headset

Alcatel OneTouch is slated to unveil the Idol 4S shortly, and it looks like the brand is looking to differentiate itself by packaging the phone in a hard plastic box that doubles up as a Google Cardboard-style VR headset. That’s according to Evan Blass at VentureBeat.

The Idol 4S and the Idol 4 leaked on the company’s website recently, giving us a look at the specs on offer. The Idol 4S runs Marshmallow out of  [Read More…]

Quick look: Near-final Nextbit Robin hardware and packaging

As Nextbit prepares for the launch of its cloud-centric Robin phone, we’ve had the chance to go hands-on with the device and the box it’ll come in.

The Nextbit Robin has come a long way in the past month. When we last caught up with the upstart manufacturer during its European tour in December, the final product was just starting to come into focus. The software was far from final. And the early  [Read More…]

Huawei Nexus 6P render leaks alongside packaging for both new Nexuses

The Nexus leaks have been flowing steadily in recent weeks. We’ve heard that they’re being made by LG and Huawei, both devices have been shown in image leaks, and some of the specs of both phones have leaked out, too. Now we’re getting the biggest leaks yet in the form of an official Nexus 6P render and images of the packaging for both phones.

First up, an official-looking Huawei Nexus 6P render has been shared by Android Police. The device  [Read More…]

Press renders of the Nexus 6P, packaging for both Nexus devices leak

Tuesday was a huge day for Nexus fans. While we eagerly await the September 29th launch, the leaks have been coming fast and furiously. We know almost everything about the two new phones, the Huawei Nexus 6P and the LG Nexus 5X, and we’re now getting a better look at both the packaging for the devices and a brand new press render of the Nexus 6P thanks to our friends over at AndroidPolice.

Nexus 5x packaging[Read More…]

New Motorola DROID Turbo leak gives us a peek inside its retail packaging

The Motorola DROID Turbo is expected to make its official debut on October 28, but don’t have to wait that long to see what its packaging and the contents inside look like.

Several photos of the DROID Turbo’s retail box and the goodies that are packed inside have been shared by the folks at MotoFirmware. The packaging is reminiscent of DROIDs past, and the Turbo itself looks just like the units that’ve already leaked, complete with Kevlar backing and capacitive  [Read More…]

New HTC One packaging, specs revealed as Verizon model apparently sold on eBay

Buyer seemingly nabs 32GB M8 for $ 499.99, specs on box confirm earlier rumors

Just a day after a purported set of new HTC One (M8) specs emerged online, we have further evidence of the phone’s high-end internals, along with a cheeky look at its retail packaging. The device pictured above — apparently a 32GB Verizon version of the still unreleased, unannounced new HTC One — went up for sale on eBay today, where it was  [Read More…]